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INsanity is a modified version of the Land of the Dead version of the Invasion gametype. It uses the standard Invasion maps.


Alongside the other players, you must hold out as long as possible against the waves of attacking zombies.


INsanity adds a lot more server control over the game. The original Invasion game type relied upon the level designers to set limits for the number of attacking zombies. In the INsanity type, the server operator may override the level defaults to either accommodate slower servers that can't handle running the AI for a large horde of zombies, or may increase the limits far beyond what the level designers had intended. The test server has run anywhere from 1 zombie at a time, to a wave of over 100 to start on a level that was originally defined to have only a small handful of zombies.

Like the standard Invasion, you are out of the game after dying, until that wave has ended. However, the server operator may define a number (or infinite) of respawns to allow between waves. The game also adds the ability to limit the number of waves, similar to UT2k4's Invasion.

The INsanity game is also packaged with several other mods:

Improved HUD chat/messaging system
Improved Zombie AI
Running Zombies
Weapon modifiers
JumpZ modifier
Difficulty modifier

An INsanity game configured with all of the mods is quite INsane, INdeed.