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In my spare time aside from reading web comics, playing Unreal Tournament and watching TRL, I compose music with Modplug Tracker. My favorite genre (as per of music to listen to and compose is Electronic music. The Electronic genre contains my favorite sub-genres Techno, Trance, Dance, Experimental and Game Soundtracks. Did I mention that one of my favorite insturments is the Roland TB-303? I also like listening to pop-punk bands like Blink 182 and Good Charlotte. I'm also into microtonal music, music that uses tunings other than the standard 12-tone equal temperament. One more thing, I really want to hear some good microtonal techno. If I can't hear enough of it, I guess I'll have to compose it myself. :D

Down below is a partial list of my works.

Completed songs[edit]

Title Genre Length Comments
19-TET Experiments Microtonal Techno/Game Soundtrack 6:13 The vast majority of this song is composed in 19-tone equal temperament. Actually, it isn't in perfect 19-TET, it is in an approximation of it using the fine and extra fine tone portamento commands. This piece is divided into three parts and an intro. The intro is a short piano melody played first in 12-TET and then in 19-TET. The first part is a fast paced techno movement in 4/4 time. The second part starts about half-way through the song and is a slower, more dramatic piece in 5/4 time. The third part is an electric guitar arpeggiation with a synthetic bass accompaniment.
909 Time (Ike's 909 Beats) "Drum and Bass" 1:33 Just me messing around with TR-909 drum machine samples and Modplug's resonant filters
Chiptune n00b Chip 4:15 Being the second song I started on, this tune has a very weird choice of percussion. There isn't any bass, snare, or hi-hats here but there are samples of me making noises with my mouth such as clicks, pops and gas passing imitations. When I was around 13 years old, I liked making noises with my mouth and called it "Pop-Click-Toot" music.
Forgot About Dray Hip-hop instrumental cover 5:03 This is my cover of Dr. Dre's "Forgot About Dre" sans the vocals. I use some of my own chip samples in here to give variety to the extremely repetitive MIDI rendition from which this song was based. It might be not pass the filter test due to copyright issues.
Trance-Metal-Punk-n'-Funk Experimental n00b tekno 3:33 My very first MOD. I started on it in 1999. The last time I edited the musical content was back in December of 2000. I added some comments to make it release worthy in February 2003. I wouldn't be surprised if this gets rejected by the ModArchive.
(U of Akron) Alma Mater Piano solo plus techno remix 1:22 This song starts out as a transcription of the Alma Mater sheet music arranged for piano. The next part is a techno remix of the Alma Mater at 152 BPM.
Test of Chips Chip 4:20 The most professionally produced chip tune in my opinion.
Tr@x0r d3m0 Chip 3:27 Contains a version of Pachelbel's "Canon in D" and a bunch of cover tunes at the end.
Limp Bizkit's da Biscuit Dancey metal 0:44 A short piece featuring vocals from Ike Bart himself. The second song in the Amatuesr Suite.
Shave and Haircut n00b tekno 0:19 This is the shortest complete song I have made. Nothing much to it except for Ike Bart singing "Shave and a haircut, two bits." BTW, this is the first song in the Amatuer Suite and my least favorite of them all so far.
Ike's New Samples Techno 4:11 A song that includes a version of "Joy to the World" and includes a part in 6/8 time. At the end, there are a bunch of microtonal experiments.
Linkin Park vs. DMX Hip-Hop 0:40 The third song in the Amatuer Suite. It features me talking about how Linkin Park shoud collaborate with DMX. The piano melody of this song is based on piano melody of Linkin Park's "In The End" starting on E-flat, but flipped in relative interval structure from one note to the next.
Speedcore est Bogus Gabber 0:53 The fourth song in the Amatuer Suite. The most hardcore song I've made to date. It features me yelling "Bring on the SPEEDCORE!!!!!!!" and "This be BOGUS, man!" It starts out at 192 BPM and rises to 255 BPM, stays there for a while before going up to 320 BPM and slowing down for the end.
Soap Operas Suck Soundtrack 0:32 The fifth song in the Amatuer Suite. Weirdness... BTW, I say "Soap operas suck" in this song. And so do reality shows...
Just Playing My Mini-Harp Acoustic 0:24 The sixth song in the Amatuer Suite. This is just a solo of me playing some acoustic instrument consisting of a wooden soundboard and eleven strips of metal that look like rake tines or street sweeper blades. The strips of metal are pressed downward by my fingers.
Linkin Bizkit House/Techno/Synthpop 4:08 My most recent production and what I consider my best to date. About half-way through, the second theme comes in
Speedcore est Bogus (Dean Remix) Gabber 0:48 A remix an online friend of mine named TC did of my tune "Speedcore est Bogus" using Howard Dean's Iowa Caucus speech, yeeeaaaagh and all. It's pretty funny how I say "This be BOGUS, man!" after Dean's rant.

Works in Progress[edit]

Title Genre Approximate Length Comments
Blazin' Techno Techno 8:13 This song blazes along at 160 BPM and has several semi-disjunct movements. It includes a limited degree of microtonalism. I think it will be my longest song to date when it is finished. At the end, there is a rendition of the intro to Blink 182's "Dammit."
Bass Kicker Bass heavy ambient techno 1:14+ This song is heavy on the bass, hence its name. It is also the latest MOD I started
The Bad Touch Pop/Bloodhound Gang instrumental cover 4:09 An instrumental cover of one of my favorite songs.
Eat S***e and Dye Hardcore ??? I don't know what to make of this yet.
Linkin Bizkit (Part II) Glitchcore

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Mythopus: Hey! Where Can You Download Your Music??

Ike Bart: Currently, there isn't any place you can download my music. Just go to the main page and read my second to last entry on how to request songs by me. Until I get my MODs cleaned up for uploading, the only way to get my music at the moment is by e-mailing me. I'll get to your request as soon as I see it, provided it has the right subject.