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It's Alieeve!

You'll have to make your own screenshots for now. I'll write this up on the wiki and post some shots later week, once I have it working to my satisfaction.

Read more at Sourced Player Shadows.


Spent most of today on a side track, but one that will probably make it into the map. I think I have dynamic player shadows pretty much working. It's a system of volumes and special lights. When the player is inside one of the volumes, the most "important" of the special lights with the same tag as that volume will be the source of the player shadow. If you have multiple intersecting volumes, then players can have multiple shadows. Right now there's some serious bugs is managing the regular shadow (shows up when it shouldn't, sticks around after the special shadows have taken over, etc), but I'll probably get those worked out tomorrow. Screen shots and a sample map soon.


The layout is coming together pretty good on paper. The basement is the most dramatically changed from the original. One of the harder parts has been fitting the basement inside the castle while keeping the flag paths pretty much equal. So far two of the outside-to-inside connections have been eliminated: bowser > roof and waterfall <> basement. They've been replaced with door to 2nd floor <> roof and a tunnel connecting one team's basement to the waterfall on the far side of the other castle. The door connecting the basement to the moat area has also been swung around to the other side of the castle to make that path a little more dangerous. In general I'm trying to encourage travel through the front door or at least the lobby (and then to the roof), as that path was way under-used when testing the UT version.


After doing some research on fair use, the goal for the MSU map is now not to look like Princess Peach's Castle from M64, but just to make people remember M64. Here's some screenshots of the lobby so far:


The theme for the map is not trying to simulate somewhere "real", but to present somewhere imaginary that's been made real, like movie-based theme park rides. Because of this the lighting is entirely spotlights around the upper rim of the wall, and is going to get sources (that look like theatrical spotlights) once I get the map playable. I also have a plumed column model that is going to go on either side of the stairway supporting the platform, but I need to texture it first.