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UT2003 :: Object >> Interactions

This is an abstract class for the Interaction sub-system. This sub-system is responsible for tunneling input and Pre/Post rendering time to individual Viewports and Interactions.


Input system states.
Not performing special input processing.
Handling a keypress or button press.
Handling holding a key or button.
Handling a key or button release.
Handling analog axis movement.
Input keys (Alternate Layout)
| ||||^ Enum Items |
|^00| IK_None |IK_LeftMouse |IK_RightMouse |IK_Cancel |
|^04| IK_MiddleMouse |IK_Unknown05 |IK_Unknown06 |IK_Unknown07 |
|^08| IK_Backspace |IK_Tab |IK_Unknown0A |IK_Unknown0B |
|^0C| IK_Unknown0C |IK_Enter |IK_Unknown0E |IK_Unknown0F |
|^10| IK_Shift |IK_Ctrl |IK_Alt |IK_Pause |
|^14| IK_CapsLock |IK_Unknown15 |IK_Unknown16 |IK_Unknown17 |
|^18| IK_Unknown18 |IK_Unknown19 |IK_Unknown1A |IK_Escape |
|^1C| IK_Unknown1C |IK_Unknown1D |IK_Unknown1E |IK_Unknown1F |
|^20| IK_Space |IK_PageUp |IK_PageDown |IK_End |
|^24| IK_Home |IK_Left |IK_Up |IK_Right |
|^28| IK_Down |IK_Select |IK_Print |IK_Execute |
|^2C| IK_PrintScrn |IK_Insert |IK_Delete |IK_Help |
|^30| IK_0 |IK_1 |IK_2 |IK_3 |
|^34| IK_4 |IK_5 |IK_6 |IK_7 |
|^38| IK_8 |IK_9 |IK_Unknown3A |IK_Unknown3B |
|^3C| IK_Unknown3C |IK_Unknown3D |IK_Unknown3E |IK_Unknown3F |
|^40| IK_Unknown40 |IK_A |IK_B |IK_C |
|^44| IK_D |IK_E |IK_F |IK_G |
|^48| IK_H |IK_I |IK_J |IK_K |
|^4C| IK_L |IK_M |IK_N |IK_O |
|^50| IK_P |IK_Q |IK_R |IK_S |
|^54| IK_T |IK_U |IK_V |IK_W |
|^58| IK_X |IK_Y |IK_Z |IK_Unknown5B |
|^5C| IK_Unknown5C |IK_Unknown5D |IK_Unknown5E |IK_Unknown5F |
|^60| IK_NumPad0 |IK_NumPad1 |IK_NumPad2 |IK_NumPad3 |
|^64| IK_NumPad4 |IK_NumPad5 |IK_NumPad6 |IK_NumPad7 |
|^68| IK_NumPad8 |IK_NumPad9 |IK_GreyStar |IK_GreyPlus |
|^6C| IK_Separator |IK_GreyMinus |IK_NumPadPeriod|IK_GreySlash |
|^70| IK_F1 |IK_F2 |IK_F3 |IK_F4 |
|^74| IK_F5 |IK_F6 |IK_F7 |IK_F8 |
|^78| IK_F9 |IK_F10 |IK_F11 |IK_F12 |
|^7C| IK_F13 |IK_F14 |IK_F15 |IK_F16 |
|^80| IK_F17 |IK_F18 |IK_F19 |IK_F20 |
|^84| IK_F21 |IK_F22 |IK_F23 |IK_F24 |
|^88| IK_Unknown88 |IK_Unknown89 |IK_Unknown8A |IK_Unknown8B |
|^8C| IK_Unknown8C |IK_Unknown8D |IK_Unknown8E |IK_Unknown8F |
|^90| IK_NumLock |IK_ScrollLock |IK_Unknown92 |IK_Unknown93 |
|^94| IK_Unknown94 |IK_Unknown95 |IK_Unknown96 |IK_Unknown97 |
|^98| IK_Unknown98 |IK_Unknown99 |IK_Unknown9A |IK_Unknown9B |
|^9C| IK_Unknown9C |IK_Unknown9D |IK_Unknown9E |IK_Unknown9F |
|^A0| IK_LShift |IK_RShift |IK_LControl |IK_RControl |
|^A4| IK_UnknownA4 |IK_UnknownA5 |IK_UnknownA6 |IK_UnknownA7 |
|^A8| IK_UnknownA8 |IK_UnknownA9 |IK_UnknownAA |IK_UnknownAB |
|^AC| IK_UnknownAC |IK_UnknownAD |IK_UnknownAE |IK_UnknownAF |
|^B0| IK_UnknownB0 |IK_UnknownB1 |IK_UnknownB2 |IK_UnknownB3 |
|^B4| IK_UnknownB4 |IK_UnknownB5 |IK_UnknownB6 |IK_UnknownB7 |
|^B8| IK_UnknownB8 |IK_UnknownB9 |IK_Semicolon |IK_Equals |
|^BC| IK_Comma |IK_Minus |IK_Period |IK_Slash |
|^C0| IK_Tilde |IK_UnknownC1 |IK_UnknownC2 |IK_UnknownC3 |
|^C4| IK_UnknownC4 |IK_UnknownC5 |IK_UnknownC6 |IK_UnknownC7 |
|^C8| IK_Joy1 |IK_Joy2 |IK_Joy3 |IK_Joy4 |
|^CC| IK_Joy5 |IK_Joy6 |IK_Joy7 |IK_Joy8 |
|^D0| IK_Joy9 |IK_Joy10 |IK_Joy11 |IK_Joy12 |
|^D4| IK_Joy13 |IK_Joy14 |IK_Joy15 |IK_Joy16 |
|^D8| IK_UnknownD8 |IK_UnknownD9 |IK_UnknownDA |IK_LeftBracket |
|^DC| IK_Backslash |IK_RightBracket|IK_SingleQuote |IK_UnknownDF |
|^E0| IK_UnknownE0 |IK_UnknownE1 |IK_UnknownE2 |IK_UnknownE3 |
|^E4| IK_MouseX |IK_MouseY |IK_MouseZ |IK_MouseW |
|^E8| IK_JoyU |IK_JoyV |IK_JoySlider1 |IK_JoySlider2 |
|^EC| IK_MouseWheelUp |IK_MouseWheelDown|IK_Unknown10E|UK_Unknown10F |
|^F0| IK_JoyX |IK_JoyY |IK_JoyZ |IK_JoyR |
|^F4| IK_UnknownF4 |IK_UnknownF5 |IK_Attn |IK_CrSel |
|^F8| IK_ExSel |IK_ErEof |IK_Play |IK_Zoom |
|^FC| IK_NoName |IK_PA1 |IK_OEMClear
Note that UK_Unknown10F is no typo in this table, but in the class itself.

Known Subclasses[edit]