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Interactive GUI Design Mode lets you rearrange and resize widgets within the game, then copy their properties to the clipboard to put into your scripts.

Enabling GUI design mode[edit]

The interactive GUI design mode must first be enabled in config files.


Open the Game ini file and set the following property:




In Unreal Tournament 2004 you'll need to edit the user.ini. Simply add the line bModAuthor=True to the right sections, as listed below.




Activating GUI design mode in game[edit]

Once in the game, press Ctrl+Alt+D to enter the interactive GUI design mode. In that mode, you can:

  • Hold down F1 for a list of commands. The most common ones are mentioned below.
  • Ctrl+Click a control to select it. Repeatedly Ctrl+Click to select overlapping controls.
  • Press Shift to temporarily hide the selection rectangle.
  • Press Ctrl+ArrowUp, Ctrl+ArrowLeft, Ctrl+ArrowRight and Ctrl+ArrowDown to move the selected control.
  • Alternatively, hold Ctrl+Alt with the control selected to move it with the mouse. You can also use Ctrl+Alt+Any Arrow to move the control 5 pixels at a time.
  • Press Ctrl+GrayPlus and Ctrl+GrayMinus to change the horizontal size of the selected control.
    Press Ctrl+Plus and Ctrl+Minus (on the alphanumeric keyboard) to change the vertical size of the selected control.

Add Alt to the movement and sizing key combinations to move or size faster.

  • Press Ctrl+C to copy the selected control's window metrics to the clipboard. You can directly paste them into your control's inline object definition in the defaultproperties section.

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