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Postal 2 :: Actor >> Brush >> Volume >> PhysicsVolume >> InterestVolume (Package: Postal2Game)

When the player is seen in an InterestVolume doing something, they'll respond with the given reaction.

Most single-player maps will have one of these set up across the telephone wires that can be walked on. While the dude is walking on the telephone wires bystanders will watch. If he falls off and passes through a the InterestVolume directly below the wires, the bystanders will then laugh at the dude falling off.

One of these is also placed in the bank just below the glass roof. If the dude makes a flashy entrance through the roof and bystanders see him they'll applaud him. The police, however, won't be too thrilled.



var() FPSPawn.EPawnInitialState SightReaction 
Type of reaction the dude gets from being in this volume.
var() bool bActive 
Whether or not the volume is active.


function Trigger (Actor Other, Pawn EventInstigator) 
If triggered, bActive is toggled.

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