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What you need too know to proceed to the next tutorial:

  • Maya runs only on NT kernel OSes i.e. NT/2000/XP
    • Minimum Configuration
    • Read Instant Maya Chapter 1 and 2.
    • Using Maya: Essentials
      • Parts Chapter 1,2,3,4 9(Attribute Editor, Channel Editor, Outliner)- Have a basic Understanding of these.

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Wormbo: I wouldn't call a page "Introduction", this could be an introduction to anything. How about renaming it to "Introduction to Maya" ?

Mychaeel: What about Maya/Introduction (since there's already Maya and Maya/Discuss)?

AlphaOne: Does it mean that I cannot make models for UT2k3 on win ME/95????

Tarquin: AFAIK, yup, you can't make Static meshes under Win9x. :(

Mychaeel: Okay. "Maya/Introduction" is it then for this page?

Bjorn: You can of course make models under Win9x with other 3D modelling programs like MilkShape and 3D Studio Max.

Tarquin: What's wrong with this page.... not much of an introduction! I have just installed maya, and I want to know: HOW do I get a mesh from Maya into UEd???

sandorski: Hehe, Tarquin. You are right. Leveldesigner had a real nice Tut, but it's down now. :( At any rate, goto and sign up for the Free Static Mesh Design course. It gives some basics for both 3DMax and Maya that'll get you started.

Tarquin: Those are video tutes, right? Down a modem!? Anyway, it looks like whoever started off this page here has vanished. Any info would be appreciated.

sandorski: A Modem? Ok, I hear a. To get started(assuming MayaPLE 5/UT2k4) Install Maya and the Plugin which will be in the same directory. Open Maya and in the Help menu there will be a UT2004 Export entry, click on it and it'll open up in your web browser(from Local location). It contains a number of steps you need to do to get things setup properly. Once that is done a Tab should appear(may require Maya restart)above the work areas called "UnrealEdExport", clicking on it will open up 4 buttons, the first button(looks like a doorway)is for Exporting Static Meshes, the second for Skeletal Meshes(I assume for character Models), third to Connect to UnrealEd(if you set Autoconnect in the Plugin setup you won't need that button), fourth disconnect rom UEd.

Basics: If you have a Polygonal Mesh created, before Export you need to Triangulate it(Polygons/Triangulate). If your Mesh is made of more than 1 objects, but you want them as 1 object, Combine them(Polygons/Combine)(Triangulate before Combine). Once those are complete you can now Select your Mesh and open the Export Window(doorway). Enter Package name("mylevel" recommended), Group Name(if you want aka optional), and the Name for your Mesh(whatever you want). Assuming you have your Map loaded in UEd, opening the "mylevel"(or name you choose) in the Static Mesh browser should now contain your Mesh.

That is a very Basic description of it. If you are new to Static Mesh making, MayaPLE comes with an excellent set of Tutorials that leads you through the making of some models, they helped me a lot and I was/am a total noob at it.

Tarquin: Aha... I found the details in Maya help that's installed along with Maya. In your Maya folder: docs/en_US/html/UT2003/index.html

SuperApe: Reliable links added to help find tutorials on Maya.