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UT2003 :: Actor >> InventoryAttachment

An InventoryAttachment is an actor that is attached to a pawn in third person view. In UT2003, this is only used for the weapons' attachments, which have their own subclass, WeaponAttachment, for that purpose.

The only two properties of InventoryAttachment that are visible from the script source are:

var bool bFastAttachmentReplication 
If true, only a subset of the Actor properties needed for basic attachments are replicated.
function InitFor(Inventory I) 
This sets the object's Instigator to the Instigator of the Inventory passed in.

Soldat: Love attachments... hate them too sometimes. Seems we could add a bit to this ^.^ i will look into it further. A few topics needing to be covered:

  • Positioning/rotation of the weapon, and which bone it attaches to
  • 3rd person muzzle flashes
  • Bullet hit effects (when you shoot dirt, it flies up!) It's handled here too
  • Implementing attachment anims (3rd person reloading, etc)

anything else?

Mysterial: That stuff belongs in WeaponAttachment, though, not here, since those functions exist only in WeaponAttachment

Soldat: aye... well, i guess one of us should get crackin' on that then =)

ZxAnPhOrIaN: What is a weapon attachment, anyway? Does it alter the firing speed, projectiles, etc? :confused:

Mysterial: Like stated above. It's the actor you see attached to the pawns in third person view. It doesn't have any impact on the item's use or effects at all - it's purely visual. Also, Soldat: if you want to do WeaponAttachment, go right ahead, I wasn't planning on doing it, as I've only used it once and only a few aspects at that.

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Ahhhh... Eye candy... drool...