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Legacy:Inventory (DX)

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DX :: Object (DX) >> Actor (DX) >> Inventory (Engine)

The inventory class, the parent class of all objects which can be

picked up and carried by actors.

Changes from UT[edit]

  • DX new property LandSound()

Other new properties:

var bool					bCanUseObjectBelt; // Can this object be placed on the object belt?
var texture					largeIcon;         // Larger-than-usual icon for the inventory window
var int						largeIconWidth;    // Width of graphic in texture
var int						largeIconHeight;   // Height of graphic in texture
var int						invSlotsX;         // Number of horizontal inv. slots this item takes
var int						invSlotsY;         // Number of vertical inv. slots this item takes
var travel int				invPosX;           // X position on the inventory window
var travel int				invPosY;           // Y position on the inventory window
var travel bool				bInObjectBelt;     // Is this object actually in the object belt?
var travel int				beltPos;           // Position on the object belt
var() localized String		description;       // Description
var localized String		beltDescription;   // Description used on the object belt
  • replication changed
  • function PostBeginPlay() changed
  • function CalcDrawOffset() not final in DX
  • funciton BecomePickup() changed
  • function BecomeItem() changed
  • function DropFrom() changed
  • DX new function PlayLandingSound()

State: pickup

  • UT Touch() function changed to DX Frob()
  • Landed() function changed
  • DX hs no Timer() function, items remain in world forever
  • funciton BeginState() changed

Not in state anymore

  • new function UpdateInfo()
  • new funciton TestMPBeltSpot
  • whole mess of changed defaultproperties