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UT2003 :: Actor >> IonCannon (Package: XWeapons)

Satellite that floats in the air above a level and generates an ion blast when triggered by PainterFire.

All IonCannons in a map form a linked list with the first ion cannon's bFirstCannon property set to True and nextCannon pointing to the next ion connon. This list is used by the Ion Painter gun to quickly find a cannon that can attack the specified location.



int Damage 
per wave
float DamageRadius 
of final wave
class<DamageType> DamageType 
Sound FireSound 
class<IonEffect> IonEffectClass 
Vector MarkLocation 
float MaxAngle 
The maximum angle the cannon may deviate from pointing straight down when firing. The default value is 45, and this is a fine example of Digital Extremes not RTFM. UnrealScript trig Global Functions are in Wikipedia:Radians, so 45 actually means about 7 degrees. Which is why default cannons won't fire very far from the spot beneath them. If you want 45 degrees, use 0.785.
float MaxRange 
default 10,000
float MinRange 
default 1,000
float MomentumTransfer 
per wave
vector ShakeOffsetMag 
max view offset vertically
vector ShakeOffsetRate 
how fast to offset view vertically
float ShakeOffsetTime 
how much time to offset view
vector ShakeRotMag 
how far to rot view
vector ShakeRotRate 
how fast to rot view
float ShakeRotTime 
how much time to rot the instigator's view


Vector BeamDirection 
bool bFirstCannon 
Vector DamageLocation 
AvoidMarker Fear 
IonCannon nextCannon 


It's not possible to use a trigger or a zone to activate the Ion Cannon when a player encroaches the trigger radius. But it would be possible to create an "IonCannonTrigger" or a custom volume which upon triggering selects an ion cannon and makes it fire at a specified actor or the event instigator.

There is a custom class at Anozireth/IonTrigger. You can either tell it to fire at a specified target or simply at the player who triggered it. You can set the minimum delay between firings, and you can set a maximum number of firings.