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Stax is a small CTF map for four to eight players. It was originally designed by CH3Z as an InstaGib map, and while trying to provide helpful commentary on a message board, I suggested we collaborate on the map, and just two days later, CTF-Stax in its final form was born. I added weapons and pickups to it so that we could release it publicly without isolating the people who actually like taking more than one shot to kill their enemies. Although It's a simple layout (owing to its origins as an IG map), I think it's a lot of fun to play. Please leave us your comments if you try it out; we'd both like to know what could have been done better.

Download from BeyondUnreal



Mosquito: way to dark!!

Ironblayde: Yeah, Ch3z said that some people might be bothered by the low light, but we both agreed to keep it as it is for atmosphere's sake at; I don't think the place would look quite right with too much light in it. Oh well, sorry you didn't enjoy it. I guess I just have a thing for dark maps. :D