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Message Of The Day[edit]

I am looking for experienced Unreal Engine programmers to extend my Orlando/Florida based team of software engineers. Strong knowledge in Unreal Script is a must, experience in C++ and Unreal native coding is a plus. I may be looking for one or two paid interns as well, so if you're interested, please drop me a line, including your resume and/or samples of your previous Unreal Engine related programming work!

At this time, only US-citizens are considered.

About Me[edit]

General Info[edit]

Related Interests[edit]

  • UnrealScript & Native Coding
  • Level Editing & Texture Creation

Past Projects[edit]

Current Occupation[edit]

  • Technical Lead, Anteon Corp, Programming Unreal Engine based military training simulators

Note To Self[edit]

  • PostRender() is called once when the level is rendered to precache everything. This happens before script objects are initialized and may lead to unexpected behaviour if code inside PostRender() depends on Default_Properties or other objects.
  • Pawn animations won't show up if Acceleration is zero - just setting a Velocity is not sufficient.
  • PerObjectConfig for native classes won't save the class name, only the object name.
  • Strings inside structured config vars (see Config_Vars_And_.Ini_Files) should be quoted, otherwise the INI file parser may interprete the rest of the line as the string value.
  • Unlike variables, functions cannot be multicasted from the server to all clients - they are replicated to the owner client only.
  • Replicating functions with more than 3 parameters is very slow; use a struct instead.
  • The y-axis indicator for the top-view in UED points into the wrong direction - up is negative y.
  • Don't forget to add the ServerPackages in the INI or else the actors won't be replicated to clients.
  • Don't forget to add replication block even for nativereplication or else there won't be actor channels for replicated properties.


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