Once I get that upgrade to 36-hour days, I will tackle that. – Mychaeel


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Dont expect much for the moment, I'm having to relearn alot of rusty skills with UED and the scripting engine. I use to do alot of coding in UScript, but this time around I think Im gonna tackle map making. I think I'm gonna jump in by modding my own home. Would be useful to have a 3D renderer of my house so that I can test out color schemes, design the basement wall layouts, etc. Probably do it in the UnrealEngineRuntime though so I can send it out to other friends for comments that do not own the game. That should get me comfortable enough to start on the more advanced stuff later. I intend to document what I learn as I go and help refine the tutorials/pages so that they better answer newbie questions and clear up confusion.

Watch List
[[Spark/Developer_Journal RPG/Strategy Mod]]
[[AlphaOne/AlphaCoop CoOp monster crawl]]

Jaks: Just getting settled in, expect more in the near future.

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