I love the smell of UnrealEd crashing in the morning. – tarquin


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JeffMOD. That's me. by all means, I'm what most people would call a n00b... I've only been using UED for a year or so, but I'm working on a cool AS level. it currently has a TV screen with a Scripted Texture, a few BSP (I know, but don't yell at me, I have no modeling software and only Dial-up.) Static meshes. And that's just the stuff I made... from scratch. It's pretty cool so far, considering I have a low skill level. THANK U UNREALWIKI! Updates whenever.


If you know how to make players in 1st person view show on a scripted texture (eg, a TV or Football style bigscreen) please tell me! It only works in 3rd person for me!

I Thank you for your time and effort in advance. it is appeceated.

→(UN)Known for:→

Putting Unessisary capitals on Sentences,

Bad spelling,

An Indubitibley advanced Vocabulary,

and love of all things Half-life.

I also do my own voices in my levels with Soundforge 9.0. you almost can't tell it's a 13-year old saying them!