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Jesco, and yes, that's my real name. I don't really like this nick-name thingie. It may be ok for other people, but I happen to like my name! I'm Jesco, I was it when I was born and will it be 'til the day I die.

Real Bio[edit]

Born in Hamburg/Germany in the year 1981 and continued to live there until summer 2001, when I suddenly decided to become a lawyer. Shortly after that decision I moved to Bonn/Germany and attented university there. Something I started regretting soon, not the move itself, but the law-studies. In early 2002 I moved back to Hamburg and switched my studies to physics and business administration; a somewhat strange, but interesting combination, for it keeps my mind busy on a very broad range, which I like!

As for hobbies, there's the usual stuff like movies, computers and the occasional party. But I also happen to read (and actually like) poems by Edgar Allan Poe, to build small models of ships (not computer models, real ones).

I should also note that I come from a woman-only family, which ruins you for life in some aspects (as tarquin will agree) ;)

Technical Bio[edit]

For some reasons, my genom doesn't contain any arts-related parts, or at least no good ones. I just can't make my hand do/draw the things I have in mind. It doesn't work, it will never work and it sucks. But that's life.

Due to this enorm lack of artistic talent, I was forced to concentrate more on technical issues, mostly programming. For the curious, I entertained myself using the following languages:

  • Delphi/ObjectPascal
  • C/C++
  • ASP

That said, my knowledge of these tools differ greatly. While I happen to like PHP, I never really got friendly with ASP. C/C++ is also much less liked by me than ObjectPascal. At the moment, I'm mostly doing web/database-coding in PHP/SQL.

Despite my artistic inaptness, I did try my hand at modelling computer-models. I managed to do a few weapons and spaceships, but they never reached a quality I could really be satisfied with.

Unreal Bio[edit]

Past Projects:

Current Work:

  • Nothing in particular. I'm doing the odd model (err, this should read: I try to do...), throw out this or that piece of code and try to chill a bit...


Tarquin: hi Jesco, welcome to the Wiki :-)

Jesco: Whoops, this thing is like a packet of chocolate... there's always something new to discover :o Nah, anyways, my first contribution was some kind of shameless self-pimpage... :D

Tarquin: hey that's cool. (if you can't pimp yourself, who can you pimp? ;) )
Jesco:: Interesting way to see it ;)

TechnoJF: It's good to have you here, Jesco. I altered the Project Contributors page so that your page shows up there. Nothing much more to add, just thought you should know.

Jesco: Whohow, what did I say about chocolate... ;)
OshadO: what's all this I keep hearing about chocolate??:D
Jesco: Don't you like chocolate? How dare... ;-)
Tarquin: don't mind me, just fixing the markup :-) whitespace at the start of a line makes text look like the CODE tag. Indent with a :
OshadO: who me? I love chocolate. That's why I asked. Now hand it over or I'll delete this entire page. BUHUAAA HUAAAA.

EntropicLqd: That's a great bio you've put together. Berlin rocks - I went out there just before the wall came down (missed the actual event by a couple of months). Was fantastic. Didn't make any of the great outdoors unfortunately.

Jesco: I didn't like Berlin. Too many building places for my taste. Granted, these will go by, and I'm sure to have a look at the city then again :)