I don't need to test my programs. I have an error-correcting modem.


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About me[edit]

Jrubzjeknf, ingame Nova^ and in real life: Robin van Olst.

I started coding for UT2004 in 2005, and I've been doing it ever since, though I only create things that will actually be used. I've always had the urge: if it's not used, it's useless. That's also why I don't create something solely for learning purposes - I prefer to create something useful that will teach me as well.

IRC channels 
You usually hang around in:
| QuakeNet | #thedubclan #titanonslaught #vctf
| EnterTheGame | #utjb, #jailbreak, #unrealscript

About my nickname[edit]

When you first saw my nickname, you probably thought along the line: he came up with that when he looked into his soup with letter vermicelli. Though there is a small story behind it:

When I was about 14-15 year old, I hang out a lot with three other guys, all having a name starting with the letter 'J'. So at some point, my sister said "You should have a name with a J too!". 'J' was obviously the first letter, 'rub' was my slightly changed first name and 'zjeknf' to finish it, resulting in: Jrubzjeknf. This name was probably long forgotten if my email address wasn't spammed to death at that time. I had to make a new one, and used my sis' made up name for that. Since then, I've been using it a lot on forums, because no-one has used that name to register with before. :D

Nova^ I used even before that. Nothing special about it, just read it somewhere. The ^ is there to set my name apart from other Novas, which are unfortunately amazingly common.

As you may have already noticed, Jrubzjeknf is unique and (for new people) hard to write. Nova^ is basically the opposite, very common and easy to write. That's why I use both nicknames: Jrubzjeknf for forums and Nova^ ingame.

Guestbook / Comments[edit]

Jrubzjeknf: Need to add a couple of things, but that will happen over time. For now, welcome to my very own UnrealWiki page. :D