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UT :: Actor (UT) >> Triggers (UT) >> Jumper (Package: UnrealShare)

Jumpers will trigger a ScriptedPawn to jump when it collides with the Jumper actor.

Possible uses could include making bots perform wall slides. :)!


These are the properties and their default values:

bOnceOnly = True/False 
Determines whether the Jumper can be triggered more than once.
JumpZ = Float 
This is the height in UU the Pawn will Jump. Can be set higher than the Pawn's own maximum jump height (For UT bots this is 300 UU).
LimitedToClass = Class 
The Actor Class that is affected by the Jumper. Should be a SubClass of ScriptedPawn and preferably something that jumps. (Usually not Slith or those weird squid things.) (This doesn't actually appear to work)


Since the Class Selection (LimitedToClass) doesn't appear to work, I've had a go at making a new class of Jumper that affects bots in UT.

See UT_Jumper