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UT2003 :: Object >> KarmaParamsCollision >> KarmaParams >> KarmaParamsRBFull

This is a more advanced, but otherwise functionally identical version of KarmaParams. It allows control over the center of mass and its inertial properties. It adds the following variables:

The mass distribution of the actor. There are 6 values for this representing a matrix. Only the values across the main diagonal seem to do anything (making it a diagonal matrix). That is, elements 0, 3, and 5:
// (0 1 2)

// (1 3 4)

// (2 4 5) I'm pretty sure that setting them specifies how difficult it is to rotate the object.

KInertiaTensor(0)=1.8  // how difficult it is to roll the object

KInertiaTensor(1)=0 KInertiaTensor(2)=0 KInertiaTensor(3)=1.8 // how difficult it is to pitch the object KInertiaTensor(4)=0 KInertiaTensor(5)=1.8 // how difficult it is to yaw the object
The center of mass offset. This is a vector indicating the location of the center of mass of this actor, relative to it's geographical center. It defaults to 0,0,0.