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Legacy:Killing Without Gibbing

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How to kill pawns without gibbing them, i.e. instead of using a physicsvolume.

First add a normal Trigger to your map. Set the Event -> Event = "KillMePlease".

Turn on radii view to see the trigger radius of the trigger. If you need to kill in a very wide radius (for instance when pawn fall to their doom), change the Collision -> CollisionRadius. With radii view you can easely see how far it reaches. What's better when a really large aera has to be covered is putting in multiple triggers with a smaller radius.

We need a ScriptedTrigger (Keypoint -> AIScript -> ScriptedSequence -> ScriptedTrigger).

We add three different actions in its properties under AIScript.

And that's all there is too it. Everytime someone activates the trigger it will kill the pawn that did it. Great for some nice ragdoll-falls-through-and-over-beams deads.

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Tarquin: I'm actually pondering going the other way and moving Slick's tutorial out from the ScriptedSeq page into a page of its own. :D Let's see what other people think :) One thing I'm fairly sure of: we need to write an Add an action basic procedure page. <- Category:Legacy To Do

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SabbathCat Is there a way to adapt it so that if the instigator is falling, to tell if he/she was pushed? One advantage that falling volumes have over a trigger is that they will award a frag to the player who pushed another over the edge, and also broadcast a third kill message as opposed to the normal two suicide messages.

Skary=<||>= I am going to be using this to kill players when they fall into a tube and hit a spinning fan(adapted from the spinning door tutorial). But i started thinking about making some extravagant death traps. when a player steps on a square that i have placed on the floor and marked with a trigger, I would like a wall of spikes to come out of the wall, and push the player to the other side of the tube, and hit this scripted trigger where they will be crushed. and since the scripted trigger cannot activate itself, it can be placed anywhere without worry of being triggered without stepping on that square. That being said, how would i trigger the mover before the scripted trigger at the end of the tube?