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Hey y'all. This is kungfu Hampster. Yes, it's misspelled on purpose. When I fist made the name I spelled it wrong and it'sjust kinda stuck.

Kinda new to scripting. Been only doing it for a few months now. I'll be making a developer's journal as soon as I can.

Hope u guys can give me some love and support!

Fa shizzle,

KungFu Hampster

Foxpaw: Howdy. Hrm. I don't have much to say, but I thought I'd point out that you don't need hard line breaks in wiki markup - the lines will wrap automatically. Since paragraphs are automatically separated by the parser, it's interpreting each line as a different paragraph, which is why your text looks "double spaced."

Graphik: Nice to see someone from OT. :)

Kungfu Hampster: damn you text wrapping.... You are a cruel and fickel mistress....

So, I'm about to set up my me an idiot...but then help me figure out how to set my my subpage!

Tarquin: hi there! To make a subpage, just do this: Legacy:Kungfu Hampster/Subpage (edit to see markup)

Kungfu Hampster: Ah. You just place the markup at the bottom of your page. Gotcha.

Graphik: Look at the markup I used to show that the above comment was from you, KFH.

Wormbo: Welcome to the Wiki. I've renamed the page for you, so it's actually a subpage of this one. Legacy:Kungfu Hampster/Developer Journal already was the correct markup. ;)

Kungfu Hampster: Thanks ;)

Kungfu Hampster: Just wrote a basic tut on how to use capture volumes to track player position. Check it out at captureVolume

Kungfu Hampster/Developer Journal