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Legacy:Land Of The Dead/NavigationPoint

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Land of the Dead :: Land of the Dead/Object >> Land of the Dead/Actor >> Land of the Dead/NavigationPoint


bool bAutoBuilt 
bool bDestinationOnly 
bool bEndPoint 
int bestPathWeight 
bool bForceNoStrafing 
bool bMustBeReachable 
bool bNoAutoConnect 
bool bNotBased 
bool bPathsChanged 
bool bSourceOnly 
bool bSpecialForced 
bool bSpecialMove 
bool bTransientEndPoint 
int cost 
int FearCost 
Pickup InventoryCache 
float InventoryDist 
NavigationPoint nextNavigationPoint 
NavigationPoint nextOrdered 
array<ReachSpec> PathList 
NavigationPoint previousPath 
NavigationPoint prevOrdered 
bool taken 
int TransientCost 
int visitedWeight 


bool bAlwaysUseStrafing 
bool bBlocked 
bool bNeverUseStrafing 
bool bOneWayPath 
bool bPropagatesSound 
int ExtraCost 
name ForcedPaths[4] 
array<NavigationPoint> IgnoredList 
The IgnoredList is a dynamic array of NavigationPoints that will be ignored when building. This is an extension apparently added to this particular build of the engine. it is unlike ProscribedPath, in that when doing a "Rebuild Paths" from the editor, no lines will be made from this point to the other points listed in this array, and that there is a theoretically infinite number of Nav Points that you can ignore.
name ProscribedPaths[4] 


MoverClosed( )
MoverOpened( )
PostBeginPlay( )
bool ProceedWithMove(Pawn Other )


bool Accept(actor Incoming, actor Source )
float DetourWeight(Pawn Other,float PathWeight )
int SpecialCost(Pawn Seeker, ReachSpec Path )
bool SuggestMovePreparation(Pawn Other )