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They say that revolutionaries are not like normal people. But what then, may I ask, is the price for immortality?

Anthony Byrne's "Meeting Che Guevara and the Man from Maybury Hill" by Igloo Films (2002)


  • Lying on the couch watching TV
  • School, the never ending project
  • Researching WW2 - British weapons is the main thing at the moment

Skills of Importance to Game Design[edit]


  • History, most ages (expert knowledge on WW2)
  • Geography/Geology (intermediate)
  • Using search engines (some people aren't capable of this, it seems)
  • Creation of realistic enviroments/Reproduction of reality/Scale modelling
  • You name it

Computers/Game Design[edit]

  • Unreal Ed 2.0 and 3.0 (expert/intermediate knowledge respectively)
  • Modelling (Fully compatible with Milkshape)
  • Unwrapping (LithUnwrap, simple stuff)
  • Skinning (skilled to intermediate)
  • Creating Textures (mostly from photos)
  • Beta testing
  • Sound Creation (Basic knowledge, can do advanced things using luck)
  • Web design (HTML coding, some CSS, intermediate)

Past team positions[edit]

Rants and rages[edit]

LegalAssassin/Bonus Material

LegalAssassin/Epic Rage

LegalAssassin/How not to sell a game

Other crap[edit]

Comments (put comments here)[edit]

Mosquito: I didn't know you worked on night's edge, I downloaded it last week. Pretty good for the time is was created.

Legal: Yup, the concept was ok, but due to lack of advertising it died. That the 1.0 server crashed once the third player got online didn't help either...