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Legacy:LevelInfo (DX)

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DX :: Object (DX) >> Actor (DX) >> Info (DX) >> ZoneInfo (DX) >> LevelInfo (Engine)

LevelInfo contains information about the current level. There should be one per level and it should be actor 0. UnrealEd creates each level's LevelInfo automatically so you should never have to place one manually.

The ZoneInfo properties in the LevelInfo are used to define the properties of all zones which don't themselves have ZoneInfo.

  • UT has nativereplication on the class
  • UT property VisibleGroups()
  • UT property bLowRes()
  • DX property EventManager()
  • DX event ServerTravel() changed
  • DX new function InitEventManager()

Open Questions[edit]

  • What's "FOV"?


EventManager EventManager 
Deus Ex event manager (STM)
NavigationPoint NavigationPointList 
Navigation point list - chained using nextNavigationPoint
ENetMode NetMode 
Net mode enum
Pawn PawnList 
* Pawn list - chained using nextPawn
SpawnNotify SpawnNotify 
Spawn notification list


byte CdTrack 
Default CD track for level.
float PlayerDoppler 
Player doppler shift, 0=none, 1=full.
music Song 
default song for level.
byte SongSection 
Default song order for level.

_Actor Performance Management[edit]

int AIProfile[8] 
Temp statistics
float AvgAITime 
Moving average of actor time

_Current Time[edit]

int Day 
day of month
int DayOfWeek 
day of week
int Hour 
int Millisecond 
int Minute 
int Month 
int Second 
float TimeSeconds 
Time in seconds since level began play.
int Year 

_Flags Affecting the Level[edit]

bool bAggressiveLOD 
frame rate is well below DesiredFrameRate, so make LOD more aggressive
bool bAllowFOV 
allow FOV [?]
bool bBegunPlay 
Whether gameplay has begun.
bool bDropDetail 
frame rate is below DesiredFrameRate, so drop high detail actors
bool bHighDetailMode 
Client high-detail mode.
bool bHumansOnly 
Only allow "human" player pawns in this level
bool bLonePlayer 
// No multiplayer coordination, i.e. for entranceways.
bool bNoCheating 
no cheating [?]
bool bPlayersOnly 
Only update players.
bool bStartup 
Starting gameplay.

_Gameplay Rules[edit]

class<gameinfo> DefaultGameType 
Default game type [?]
GameInfo Game 
Game info [?]

_Level Text Info[edit]

string Author 
Who built the level?
string IdealPlayerCount 
Ideal number of players for this level. I.E.: 6-8
string LevelEnterText 
Message to tell players when they enter.
string LocalizedPkg 
Package to look in for localizations.
string Pauser 
if paused, name of person pausing the game.
int RecommendedEnemies 
number of enemy bots recommended (used by rated games)
int RecommendedTeammates 
number of friendly bots recommended (used by rated games)
levelsummary Summary 
Level summary
string Title 
Level's title

_Misc Info[edit]

float Brightness 
Brightness level ?]
texture DefaultTexture 
Default texture [?]
int HubStackLevel 
Hub stack level [?]
ELevelAction LevelAction 
What's the level doing right now?
texture Screenshot 
Screenshot texture [?]


string ComputerName 
Machine's name according to the OS.
string EngineVersion 
Engine version.
string MinNetVersion 
Min engine version that is net compatible.

_Physics Control[edit]

bool bCheckWalkSurfaces 
enable texture-specific physics code for Pawns.

_Renderer Management[edit]

bool bNeverPrecache 
Never precache?

_Server Related[edit]

bool bNextItems 
Next items? [?]
float NextSwitchCountdown 
Next switch countdown [?]
string NextURL 
Next URL [?]

_Time Passage[edit]

float TimeDilation 
normallty 1 - scales real time passage.



A level action (what the level is doing)

Level isn't doing anything
Level is loading
Level is saving
Level is connecting
Level is precaching


The network mode of a game.

Standalone game
Dedicated sever, no local client
Listen server
Client only, no local server


string GetAddressURL( )
return the URL of this level, which may possibly exist on a remote machine.
string GetLocalURL( )
Return the URL of this level on the local machine.
InitEventManager( )
Deus Ex - Initialize the Event Manager (STM)
PreBeginPlay( )


ServerTravel( string URL , bool bItems )
Jump the server to a new level.