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Legacy:Lwo2psk/Error Messages

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Error Messages[edit]

WARNING: couldn't found uvmap [name] in any surface !? (uv set to surface 0) 
There is an UV map without a surface using it, the program assumes that it belongs to the first surface
ERROR: Poly [num] has no texture ! 
No surface was assigned to the polygon, program automatically assigns first surface.
ERROR: Surface of Poly [num] has no uv-map! (set to 0) 
The surface don't uses an UV map, 1st surface is automaticaly assigned to the polygon.
ERROR: Point [num] of Poly [num] has no wedge ! 
A wedge consists of a point, an UV pair and a material, thus there are no UV coordinates for that point.
ERROR: WeightMap [name] doesn't belong to a Bone! 
A weightmap which doesn't have the same name as a bone will be assigned to a bone with index -1.
ERROR: parent [num] is out of range 
Refers to the parent of a bone, it is out of range when there is no bone with this index (very unlikely to happen).
ERROR: Bone not found in psa-file: [name] 
There is no corresponding reference-bone in the .psa file, empty psa-files with a full set of reference-bones are created by lwo_2_psk using a reference .lws file.
ERROR: number of Bones mismatch: psa:[num], lws:[num] 
Your .lws animation has more or less bones than your reference lws-file (the one supplied to lwo_2_psk).
ERROR getting lws-Bone from psa-Bone [name] 
You should not get this message since the error should have triggered one of the above which end the program.

There are some more error-messages, but i hope their meaning is not hard to guess ;)