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What's a MadNad[edit]

Often been asked this....Well, back in the days, I wasn't too creative with a game name, so I settled for Nad, which was Dan backwards. As I got into q3 (did i just say that here?) guys started calling me MadNad after I continuously beat them into the ground. Well, its just kind of stuck, and when I started my website and got madnad.com, it became very stuck! Between you and me...I tell everyone that i have one burning inflamed testicle :)

Personal Info[edit]

I am a Mechanical Engineer living in the US and have really been involved with creating content for games for some time, but it has always been more of a hobby until UT2003. In fact, I enjoy it so much, that I don't really even play the game that often unless I am testing something (bad Nad). I've been meaning to come here and share things that I have learned as well, but have been busy/forgetful. Betweeen work, Excessive, and Troopers, I barely have enough time to sleep. I'll be coming back and adding some more content soon.

Contact Info[edit]



  • DM-Hecatomb - Beta
    • I would like to finish this someday :)



I have been developing version 2 of Mr.Pants' Excessive Overkill for UT2003, adding numerous new features, and fixes. BTW, I have only released one version of excessive, no patches. I am a firm believer in big fixes and not small patches. I would like people to be able to say..."I like version 2 better than version 1 for these reasons..." Heres a current list of changes since version 1 was released.


  • New Excessive Menu
  • Decreased PlayerSpeed
  • Default Gravity back from 85% Gravity
  • Fixed Health Kegs - allowing for health up to maxHealth
  • Added left hand and centered weapon support - need to fix akimbo Centered weapon
  • Add support for new Epic Gametypes (invasion completed)
  • Add custom crosshair support
  • Removed xWeaponBases off and online (thx Wormbo)
  • Adrenaline
    • Slower Adrenaline Award by excessive
    • Added Random Teleport Combo Move
    • Fix health Regeneration Combo move only charging to 200 and increase rate of recharge


  • Translocator
    • Configurable TransExplosion on/off
    • Lower Volume on TransExplosion
    • Increase TransBeacon speed
    • Fixed da stupid bots
  • Shield Gun
    • Decrease shield Jumping strength (configurable)
    • Fix Charge fx - (not charging in sync with weapon)
    • Increase shield effectiveness
    • Full_Body_Shield
      • Blocks all attacks
      • Reflects most projectiles
    • Decrease Ammo (15)
    • Added sprint mode to shield alt fire if you have more than 10 ammo. Cannot reuse till shield has fully recharged again.
  • Assault Rifle
    • The Excessive Akimbo weapon
    • Increase accuracy
    • Momentum push
    • Toggle from bouncy grenades or explode on impact grenades
  • Bio Rifle
    • Increase damage
    • Increse number of globs
    • Increase bio glob life (3 seconds)
  • Shock Rifle
    • Increase damage on Primary Fire / Decrease fire rate
    • Secondary configure # of chain reaction balls (configurable)
    • Limited combo explosion sounds to 2 per stream
  • Minigun
    • Increase primary fire damage
    • Add sounds for explosions on secondary fire
    • Increase player push on secondary fire
    • Decrease secondary hurtRadius damage
  • LinkGun
    • Fixed bot linking
    • Add Link beam explosion hit sounds
    • Decrease Link Projecitle momentum on victim
    • Increase Link Projecitle momentum on self
    • Burn sound bFullVolume=False
  • Flak Cannon
    • Concentrate primary fire more and increase fire rate
    • Increase damage on secondary and get more randomness on the 3 spawning shells
    • Flak jumping toned down
  • Rocket Launcher
    • Semi Auto : server configurable variable
    • Fixed rocket Launch (not straight up while running forward)
    • Increased locking ability
    • Added acceleration to rockets
  • Sniper Rifle
    • Increase headshot radius (headshot=kill)
    • More arcs with more damage
  • Redeemer
    • Spawn drunken rockets on impact as initially planned – Needs fixin
  • Ion Cannon
    • Fix plasma balls not being destroyed when they hit a wall
  • Flame Thrower
    • Add it to the arsenal but making it possible to disable as well


Server Side Config Variables


Client Side Config Variables


September, 19th 2003[edit]

I've updated the rockets to behave more like rockets. They actually have an acceleration and a maxspeed now, which really makes them feel more natural.

September, 24th 2003[edit]

I have had some resistance to the "Realistic Rockets" with my beta team. After I was told that ChaosUT2 had similar physics involved with their grandes, I contacted them and asked what type of public feedback they received. Unfortunatley, I was told that they public did not like the added weapon inaccuracies that came along with the added physics. So, I've opted to make that feature a setting in the server configuration.

But, I couldn't resist experimenting some more. I tried adding various percentages of the Instigator.Velocity to the rocket velocity. This was successful IMO, but I still encountered some resistance, something about Real in Unreal. :) One of the main issues I was trying to solve by adding the Instigator.velocity was the fact that when rocket jumping, you can actually be falling faster than your rockets shoot, thus raining down rockets on yourself....not really ideal. The last fix i did was a little more unique. I decided to do away with the instigator velocity addition in all axis, and instead the Instigator.Velocity.Z is added to the rockets if your are falling. Firstly, I calculate the instigator.pitch, and if you are looking straight down, I add 7/8 of the Istigator.Velocity.Z to the rocket velocity, but if you are looking level (pitch=0) then I add 0% of the instigator.Velocity.z to the rockets. This accomplished the raining rockets down upon yourself syndrome, while retaining the weapons accuracy. I am quite pleased atm, I hope I get some good response from my testers.

Heres basically how i did it in PostBeginPlay() of the RocketProjectile

if ( Instigator != None && Instigator.Physics == Phys_Falling )
    // Get the pitch of the player
    // Is player looking down?  How much? 
    if ( InstigatorPitch > 49152 && InstigatorPitch < 65536 )
        InstigatorPitch = 65536 - InstigatorPitch;
     Velocity = (speed * Dir ) ;
     // Add veloctiy to the rockets
     Velocity.Z +=  0.875 * (( Sin ( pi * InstigatorPitch/16384 + 3*pi/2) + 1) * 0.5 )  * OwnerVelocity.Z;

I also added the Flamethrower model ingame, with pilot light, sounds & animation. I even added a rest animation if you are not moving for 10+ seconds your dude pulls the weapon close and flips a few switches. The model looks outstanding in game even using the link texture as a place holder. Check it out: 1st_person 3rd_person 1st_person_flamage

September, 29th 2003[edit]

I didn't realize how easy it was going to be to have excessive compatable with Mutant and Last Man Standing. Excessive was released prior to these new gametypes, along with invasion, and was able to get them all compatable without having to make excessive dependent on the bonus pack, which was what I'd hoped to do. Who wants to download 100+ MB's for a mod/mutator that is less than 1MB. The issues that caused the compatablity issues just had to deal with removing all standard weapons every spawn, and then adding excessive weapons. The invasion gametype was similarily supported by checking to make sure the timer wasn't used for the monsters from the excessive mutator.

I also fixed the twirl formation rockets only spawning as if you were right handed even if you were left handed. It seems that the Rocket Launcher is this way in standard play. Wonder if anyone mentioned this to Epic?

November, 1st 2003[edit]

Excsesive was released in time for the MSU, I just haven't publically announced it yet. I figured I'd wait till after the weekend since there werer a whored of mods were released. Its available on my site http://madnad.com/ExcessiveUT2k3 .



Dark Pulse: IF that's your first 2k3 map, you've either got a whole lot of experience on UT, or you're extremely talented. :)

EntropicLqd: Hi, welcome to the Wiki.

MadNad: Thanks guys...and thx for the compliment Dark Pulse :) Your closer with the latter of the two...I only made a couple of unreleased maps for ut

Dark Pulse: Sheeze, I've released Four maps for UT and they don't look that good. Two of them aren't even technically mine, but Revamped versions of existing UT levels, those are the only two that come that close...

BTW; I noticed on your page you go a vid of a Quake III Level up, displaying stats on the server. Got a Fw Q's:

1) How did you make that?

2) What's the music that plays during the Vid

Thanks Madnad. Bye now. :)

MadNad: Thats a stats program I am working on with my brother. It will work for all q3engine games. Currently, we have it working for JK2 and Q3 (and their mods). The version you see on the site is an older version that was done in vbs, by just parsing the qconsole.log file. The newer version will be a vb verion that will have a lot more options and will run much better performance wise. As far as the music, it changes depending on the map. I did all the web based stuff, html, javascript, flash, asp and my brother is doing the coding for parsing the logs, well, the actual program to be precise. The program can be running more than 1 game for stats at the same time and could be a completely different game, ie jk2 ffa & q3 tdm at the same time, and you can have it updates stats every x minutes, which is configurable.

Unfortunately, well for me anyway :), my brother has been busy with his newest member of the family and has not had a chance to work on it for a couple of months. Here is the latest web version http://madnad.com/newstats (minus the video). And here is the one running jedi: http://madnad.com/jedistats . Jedi is running the old version as well

Dark Pulse: Interesting. Heh, I was wrangling with ngStats early this morening to get my UT server's stats up, and I finally did it.

How'd you make the videos? Did you just use some kind of screen/sound recorder?

MadNad: Nope, I used a q3 command, something like cl_avidemo 24 which will export 24 fps images out to the screenshots folder. Then i used something to bring them together and added the music, and imported to flash...but I could do it with my capture card that I have gotten since.

Dark Pulse: Hmm... Is there any similar command in UT? I know there's one in 2003.

MadNad: Not that I am aware of. Whats the command for ut2k3? I wasn't even aware fo that one. On another note, I tried to just paste a link to those images, but the link displays the image..hmmm

MythOpus: Hey... You might want to update the the

troopers title to avoid any more battles with BK ;)

MadNad: Thx bud. I overlooked that. Wonder if I left anything else with the old title :stupid:

MythOpus: Hey again Mad. I'm at school and noticed you on... sup man ?

MadNad: uhh...hey

MythOpus: MadNad, Grafik is helping me with my Paint Ball Mod and I'm using his no gore code so I was wondering if you cna look at all source of LaserWar2003 (his mod) and see if you can get an Emitter to get spawned after a Player/Pawn dies. Look at Grafiks dev journal for the source code :D if you are going to help me/us :D Thanks :D hehe

GRAF1K: Nervermind, done. :-)

MadNad: Good to hear... there are probably better ways to get a hold of me than posting here. Just use my email i provided up top :) cheers