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Legacy:Making Lifts/Triggered Lifts

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Fairly often you read about that lifts only work with bots if the initiastate is standopentimed, this is not the case, another way to do this is with triggeropentimed and with two triggers at the top and bottom of the lift.

Set up a lift as you would in Making Lifts but set the initialstate to triggeropentimed then make sure your lift is pathed correctly (see: Pathing Lifts) (This will not work with bots at the moment as if they are at the top they will jump down but if they are at the bottom they will go onto the lift and nothing will happen) to make this work:

This tutorial assumes that the lift starts at the bottom and then rises to the top

Make sure your Lift's Mover>>DelayTime = 1 or 2 (so the lift won't rise with out the bot on it)

Add two triggers at the top and bottom of the lift make sure the Trigger colision of the trigger at the top of the lift covers the lift exit navigation point and make sure that the trigger at the bottom's radius does not cover the lift exit.

You will need to set the following properties

Both of the trigger's events>>event = lift centre's liftcentre>>lift trigger

And if you have set up you lift correctly that is all you will have to do

Bots dont understand Trigger_ASTeam and will try to use the lift anyway so try to avoid using them (I am undergoing looking for a way to stop bots from a certain team going down a path - Any ideas?)

After a full rebuild bots will wait at the top and the lift will rise to meet them or just get on the bottom and the lift will go up as normal.

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