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UT :: Actor (UT) >> Info (UT) >> MapList (Package: Engine)

Used to create a list of maps for a GameInfo (UT).


config string Maps[32] 
The list of map names.
config int MapNum 
Number current map.


string GetNextMap ( ) 
Gets the name of the next map in the rotation. This map's number is saved in the MapNum property.

Known Subclasses[edit]


  • DMmaplist
  • DKmaplist (list of DarkMatch maps, empty)

Unreal Tournament[edit]

  • ASDefaultMapList (default Assault map list)
  • ASMapList (currently selected Assault maps)
  • CTFDefaultMapList (default CTF map list)
  • CTFBonusMapList (Bonuspack 1 CTF maps)
  • CTFMapList (currently selected CTF maps)
  • DOMDefaultMapList (default Domination map list)
  • DOMMapList (currently selected Domination maps)
  • TDKDefaultMapList (default Tournament DarkMatch map list, empty)
  • TDKMapList (currently selected DarkMatch maps)
  • TDMDefaultMapList (default Tournament DeathMatch map list)
  • TDMSmallMapList (smaller DeathMatch maps)
  • TDMMediumMapList (medium-sized DeathMatch maps)
  • TDMLargeMapList (large DeathMatch maps)
  • TDMBonusMapList (Bonuspack 1 DeathMatch maps)
  • TDMmaplist (currently selected DeathMatch maps)