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Map flow is a somewhat subjective term. It could be defined as the sum value of the potential movements, actions and strategies a map has. Making it even harder to define, map flow also shares several elements from other map design principles. Generally, the principles have to do with layout and object placement, but they are also tied to psychology and timing. The unifying goal for all principles that make up map flow is to maximize the replay value of the given map.

General Navigation

The manifestation of Map Flow is usually thought of as an imaginary river or wind flowing through the map. Where the flow is congested, turbulent, or imbalanced is where the map will frustrate players the most in terms of navigation.

An Open Map and a Variety of Routes

If a player can see it, they should be able to reach it very easily and without backtracking. Players should be able to get anywhere in a map very quickly. The space should also include more than one way to get to and from main landmarks. These ideas promote both an immediate engagement with the map's strategies and a long-term exploration of alternate tacties made of BSP. Make sure doorwa




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Risk vs Reward is the concept that there is a balance between the risks a player must take and the rewards the player will recieve if those risks are succesfull. A hidden deathtrap in a main corridor or a safe pile of poweru