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Legacy:Mapping For UTXMP/Adding Radar

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Radar for UTXMP by ...AndRelax

This is dead easy really.

  1. In UnrealEd, save up and prepare a view window for a Level Screenshot by using dynamic light and realtime preview, and maybe deleting or Hiding Actors or icons you don't want.
  2. Take the screenie from above, with your camera looking down, positioned at 0,0 on the grid and 'north' at the top. If you didn't put the map in the middle, then still take the pic from the centre, just leave it so the map is offset.
  3. Crop the image to a square in your fave image editor, resize it to 512x512 and save as a tga.
  4. Import it as a texture into Ued, compress it to dxt1 or appropriate. Select it for use later.
  5. Go to the Level Properties and under RadarMap, set
  • bShowRadarMap=1 of course
  • bUseTerrainForRadar=1 if your map has terrain to its extents, this is convenient, otherwise if there is no terrain or you have stuff beyond its extents, set to 0.
  • CustomRadarRange -active if the above is set to 0, this is the width of your level in unrealunits that the image you imported represents.
  • RadarMapImage -set to the texture you imported.

Playtest, and check particularly that it's the right way up (!) and that the scale is right. The best way to check is to walk to a deploy point and see if the game's representation of it matches your radar image.


Sp4ceLorD: You may use the top view with terrain=shown for simple maps / to check the angle of your screenshot :)

Phalanx another quick footnote, its extreamly hard to get the radar 100% accurate, got this from FMI themselves, i guess its the way its done, TBH a radar thats 99% accurate should be ok