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Minions is a team-based multiplayer game. There are 2 teams, both of which are led by a Summoner who acts like a commander and orchestrates their attacks. The rest of the players are Minions, who are various monsters that act out(or not) the Summoners plan. The summoner is chosen at random(if set at random) and the rest of the players are split up evenly. Then the Minions choose their type and when everyone is decided, or the timers runs out the game begins.

Objective and Gameplay[edit]


The summoner is a medium speed human player who has a larger minimap and can see all of his team's players wherever they are on the map. The summoner only has one objective, to survive the opponent's Minions until his Minions can kill the other Summoner. The summoner has an area of healing around him that heals his own Minions and can use his staff to hurt opposing Minions in a pinch and can also place down an altar where Minions can respawn. The summoner can speak to all of his team mates at the same time or individually to coordinate them to attack his opponents.If the Summoner dies his team looses the game.


The Minions have a slightly easier job than the Summoner, they must either a:seek out the opposing Summoner or b:they guard their Summoner by killing opposing Minions. There are many types of Minions(detailed below)who all have different roles, weapons, strengths, and weaknesses. Minions can only talk to other Minions who are close to them and overall rely on the Summoner to direct them. When a Minion dies the player is put on a que to respawn and when the timer is up the Minion respawns at an altar that the Summoner has placed down.

Minion Species(types)[edit]

The Minions are the Summoner's army and all have a role to fill, should a player not like the Minion they are using they can choose a new type when they respawn.


The Orc is the basic attack force of the Summoner's army, being strong and durable. The orc is well armored and has the most health of all the Minions. The Orc is equipped with a Battle Axe which can be used in fast, weak swings, or slow powerful swings,and a Crossbow which can fire from 1 to 5 bolts depending on how long the trigger is held.The Orc looks like your generic 6 foot tall, green-skinned man with red eyes and tusks and an axe, it also has spikes coming out of it's spine.


The imp is a small fast scout Minion with low health and a low profile. The Imp can jump very high and takes half as much falling damage as other Minions.The Imp has the special power to turn invisible for periods of time, although this uses mana, and can also do a lunging attack with it's claws to defend itself.The imp is a small gray demon-like creature with horns and ripped wings.

Gel Cube

The Gel Cube is a lumbering mass of blue gel in a roughly cubic shape(go figure). The Gel Cube is slow and well armored with slightly less health than the Orc, the Cube can also be walked through, albiet the Minion doing so will be slowed and damaged the further in it is. The Gel Cube has only one attack, it touches opposing Minions and damages them with digestive fluids, the fluids do more damage the further the Minion is in the cube, for example, a Minion touching it would take minor damage, whereas a unit in the center of the cube would be killed very quickly. The Gel Cube serves as a roadblock or a meat shield for weaker Minions.


The fury is this mod's version of a sniper. The fury is a lightly armored Minion that can shoot hitscan beams of fire from it's hands at a slow rate or weaker fire blasts at a much faster rate, the Fury has only a limited supply of fire although, so it cannot fire constantly. The hitscan blast uses up a whole mana(firepower) bar while the fireblasts use only a small part.The fury looks like a female being made of fire in black wrappings that cover most of it's body.


The Wisp is a small white orb of light with a see-through core and calm eyes that acts as a medic. The Wisp's first attack shoots a fast line of white healing energy forward that goes though Minions but not walls and heals allied Minions, the Wisp's second move it a short range 'pulse' healing that must be activated, this heals much more health that the beam but to get any healing out of it an allied Minion must be close to the Wisp. The wisp has low health and armor but moves as fast as the Imp so it can get out of harms way quickly.

Iron Golem

The Iron Golem is a large suit of black and red armor with a large black crossbow built into it's arm with lots of health and armor but slow movement. The Iron Golem serves as heavy artillery with it's crossbow which can fire either huge explosive bolts that can be seen in the air due to the firey effects and dodged by a competent player, or a faster slightly smaller ballista bolt that can kill in a single hit and impale multiple enemy Minions, or even the allied Minions if friendly fire is on. The Iron Golem will fall apart if it hits the ground from too high a cliff, if will rebuild itself but it will take time where it is an easy kill.


The Necroshade is a stealth Minion with useful abilities. The necroshade moves slightly slower than the Imp and Wisp but is invisible unless it is moving too fast, it's claw attack is an instant-kill if it hits an enemy Minion in the back.(doesn't work on the Summoner because he can see it no matter what)The Necroshade can also create two portals, the first is the entrance portal and takes half the Necroshade's mana to create, the second portal made is the exit portal. Portals cannot be made in the air and there can only be 2 portals per Necroshade at a time, the entrance and the exit portals. The Necroshade's mana does not regenerate but it can get back the mana used to create a portal by attacking it, this destroys both portals and gives the Necroshade a full Mana bar. The Necroshade looks like a large hunched-over humanoid figure with spindly arms and legs, the face is featureless except for 9 glowing red eyes and a mouth full of sharp teeth. The Necroshade leaves behind a wispy trail of black smoke behind it making it slightly easier to spot, it's eyes also glow in the dark.


-friendly fire-

-random Summoner selection-

-base health/mana adjustment-

-damage/healing adjustment-

-respawn time and penalties for suicides-

-possible CTF mode where the Summoner holds his team's flag until he is killed and can respawn.-

-turning enemy use of Necroshade portals on/off-

-number of players 3v3 4v4 5v5 6v6 -

if anyone would like to make this mod or models for it please post it on this page

Interested Scriptors[edit]