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After a long time away from UT2004 and the Wiki, I decided to get back into it. I suppose it's because I woke up early in the morning at the beginning and said "I MUST MAKE THAT MUTATOR!" I didn't stop there... I'm working on a full-fledged mod now.

The thing that got me really suddenly interested is a dispute between my brother and I about controls for Metroid Prime 2. I've heard it said before, and I bet I'll hear it again: "Give me a mouse and a keyboard and I could totally own [you/this game]." That gave me the reverse idea - give me Retro's MP controls, and I could totally own Unreal Tournament. And so I made the mutator for my XBox controller via USB and an interaction. I'm now happy - owning godlike bots and plowing through everything - but in no way done coding.

About Me[edit]

My proper name's Matt DeKrey - but I've been going by MasterOfTheDark on the 'net for about ten years now. I've been programming for longer than I can remember, starting with HTML (not really programming, but it is what got me started), and then on to several flavors of BASIC, C++, Java, and C#. Somewhere in there I learned php, asp, jsp, and pl. In the last year I added Maya's mel and Unreal Script to my list. I'm currently in Dallas attending college at UTD - majoring in computer science.

I'm a member of the Student Game Developers' Association on campus at UTD, and currently serving as the president for the group. I was the lead programmer for the UT2004 mod "Turbo Joust" that was entered in the MSU competition; if you looked at the code, I know it's a mess - but it ran on UT2003 just the same.

I've worked at Barking Lizards Technology for six months on the X-Men Legends release for the N-Gage. I plan on working professionally in the game industry when I graduate (May 2006), perhaps at a company of me and my friends.

As far as my other interests go, I enjoy playing games. My most recent addictions were Paper Mario 2 and Metroid Prime 2. I'm also a DM when I'm not in the mood for video games.


Dragonmaw: Welcome to the Wiki! Always glad to see more people joining and occaisionally helping.

MythOpus: He beat me to it :tdown: Anyways, Welcome to the Wiki !

MasterOfTheDark: Well, I didn't know this was here 'til just now. I've been on the Wiki for about a month now (yeah, registered for a month and just noticing it's here, I know) and don't really feel completely comfortable making changes to what else is here. Maybe in another couple of weeks when I have time (school). Anyway, thanks for the welcome and all the content!