Once I get that upgrade to 36-hour days, I will tackle that. – Mychaeel


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Designation: McNutcase

Mission: breakage of Unreal engine

Status: incomplete

I have apparently become an authority on edge conditions of the Unreal engine, and what happens when you push it beyond those limits. I am also well-known for an amazing ability to use WarpZones to brainmelting effect, whether by creating infinite spaces or by geometric impossibilities.

Coming soon: DM-Kneecap for UT99; faking the W dimension for dummies!

Contact available via Google's mail service in a rather obvious manner; if you're not smart enough to figure that out, I don't want to risk letting you see my maps.

Personal site: The Donkey Dialogues


Tarquin: Hi. Welcome to unreal wiki. :)

McNutcase: Thanks... been hanging out here absorbing knowledge for a fair while, thanks to LionsPhil, but only recently decided to share my knowledge on how to make the Unreal engine cry. Pretty much all the mappers I know ask me for advice on a) which weapons will work best in a given map and b) whether a given effect wil work, cause the engine to cry, or just look utterly pony.