I don't need to test my programs. I have an error-correcting modem.


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Tarquin: Could I just check that you've asked the writers of stuff you've imported (eg Yoda, Mr.Mitchell) for permission to Wikify their work? It's important because material might be merged & rewritten in the future – for example Scripting Operators opens with some notes I wrote ages ago, and then there's Yoda's text. I'd like to merge the two at some point.

Mr.Mitchell: You can use the stuff I put in the MC Spanky's coding FAQ. But as far as I can remember I only updated the link to VisualUC in that FAQ.

Tarquin: There was a FAQ entry that said "By Mr.Mitchell", I've moved it to its own page: Binding Keys

Mr.Mitchell: MC Spanky must have been sleeping when he tranferred that page to the Wiki, cause I didn't write that.