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Mel's exploits in the world of UT2003

SwitchArsenal (Mutator)[edit]

This mutator lets users customize various parts of the game, such as weapons, item pickups, starting equipment, class-based games, and purchase menus. It also supports randomized sets and lots of 3rd party modifications.

Currently SA6b is available to the public, at locations like UT2003Files and UT2003HQ.

SA6c will have some improvements to the class/purchase systems. For instance, the two systems are currently in an "either-or" state, but in SA6c they can both be run at once. I'm adding the ability to add on-screen descriptions of the items, plus classes can optionally change the character model of the player. Those stupid bots are doing their best to screw it up, though.

The Legend of Zelda: The Light World (Map)[edit]

I tend to say my "favorite game of all time" is the SNES classic, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. In honor of this, I am making a 3D translation of the main map of the game. It's huge. Maybe it will make a good map for UT2004's Onslaught mode.

I love Nintendo's games. People who think they are "too cool" for Nintendo can go lead empty, pointless lives.

Sorry, it is under heavy construction, and seeing that it is maybe up to 50mb with its support files, I don't want to send it to anyone right now.

The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Castle (Map)[edit]

Before the map above, I translated most of Hyrule Castle to UT2003. After making the inside, I began work the outside and ended up switching to making the entire world map and ignoring the inside of the castle.

Ooh, look, I found a place that still has it.

Super Weapon Bar (Mutator)[edit]

Because of SwitchArsenal, I've come familiar with a flaw in the weapon programming of UT2003. If you scroll over weapons, it can skip those that are in the same inventory group. To patch this, I made Super Weapon Bar, which scrolls the entire list of weapons instead of stacking them in 9 slots.

Velocity Trap (Weapon)[edit]

This weapon does not hurt anybody. Instead it slows the victim's movement rate to a crawl. However, they can still rotate at normal speed and fight back. Alt-fire sends the target flying. The best use of this weapon is in a team game. Having one person trap a jumpy player can allow their teammate take them out easier. Trapping the flag carrier will reduce their chances of escape. Also the secondary fire can hit teammates, so you can boost them with alt-fire as well.

Hand of Death (Weapon)[edit]

This weapon acts like the redeemer, except it is slower, and it causes instant death when it touches a player.

under construcion

Camera Mode (GameType)[edit]

I threw together a gametype that eliminates the HUD. This allows you to take pictures of a level without having to shut off the HUD and crosshairs, and then have to turn them back on when you want to play a normal game.

not available - unless somebody requests it.

Shooting Gallery (GameType)[edit]

This was a single player game where you shot targets. It had modes where the player could not move, and the player automatically moved "on a rail". I also got into making a simple conversation system, a challenge progression, and a USE icon that informed you what action pressing the USE key would do. It's sitting on the virtual back shelf right now.

No links. Contact me if you are interested.

The Heart of Dragons (GAME)[edit]

THOD is my biggest game project. I have worked characters, history, architecture, and game mechanics for this game. It would play similarly to the 3D Legend of Zelda games, although it has 3 player characters and more RPG elements, etc. I only mention this here because I build the game architecture in UT2003.

You can view my CSD games Flash presentation.

All rights reserved. Now, if you rip off my UT2003 code, I will be miffed and try to get the word out that you are a stealin' weasel. If you rip off my CSD game productions, I will try to hunt you down and kill you, or leave you horribly disfigured for the rest of your pain-filled life.

Oh, sorry about that.

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