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Well, I'm new to this whole wiki thing but this seems like a really useful resource. I put up a little page in the developer's section, too.
Basically, I'm new to UnrealScript and UT2003 modding, and my job for the summer is to design a language teaching scenario based on the game. I need to have the player be able to run around and interact with NPCs, which won't be like bots. It's really a pretty big modification, since the whole "shooting" thing isn't really the focus of the project I'm working on, and the interaction is.
Anyways, if you have suggestions on where I should look for information or any tips/ideas, lemme know.
My biggest question at the moment is whether or not I'll be able to interface with C++ code from UnrealScript. I know you can do something with "native" functions, but I don't know if you need the license from epic to do so. Currently, I'm just doing the game end of the project, but eventually I'm going to need to make it work with language recognition code that other people are writing. So I'm thinking that I can call the C++ native functions from UnrealScript and get messages back from the code (i.e., the user just said the correct phrase, now do something) and then do the appropriate thing in the game. Is this feasible?

GRAF!K: I'm not sure how well native C++ will interact with Uscript, but if you want to do some native coding you can shoot of an e-mail to Epic, and they may give you the headers necessary for doing so.

June 19, 2003[edit]

Well, I've been working at this for almost three weeks. My boss hasn't really given me much direction, just said, "Do something with Unreal." *chuckles* So yeah. Been reading a lot of UnrealScript and stuff.
I think I can do an interface with xPawns using ScriptedControllers, which will trigger specific events depending on which goalsyou have accomplished in the level so far. It seems that this will be the easiest way of doing interaction with NPCs, and I don't have to really write any new code. I've done a couple mods (changing weapons around, etc) to get the feel of UnrealScript, and I've been working some in UnrealED.
So it looks like I'll just make a map in UnrealED and put in a bunch of Triggers, ScriptedControllers, and a few xPawns which will be manipulated by the controllers.
This whole wiki page thing is really spectacular. I'm just staying in my corner for now, since I'm still pretty new to UnrealScript and modding, but hopefully once I actually know my stuff I can help you guys out in other areas of this site. I've pretty much got this page open as a reference for the entire day I'm at work.  :-P

June 22, 2003[edit]

Things go better. I had a really productive meeting with my boss, and have some actual direction now! *yay!* Anyways, I spent this morning working on the GUI stuff that's built in to UT2003, searching to see if I could find some way to make a separate window (in addition to the main window the game plays in). After hitting dead ends for a while, I postes a question on the Help Desk and found out from Mych (thanks again, btw) that it's all done natively, so unless I get the headers from Epic, I'm going to have to find some other way to do what I want. *hehehe* Ah well.