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UT2003, Build 2225

class MinigunAmmo extends Ammunition; //Shows that minigun ammo is derived from the ammunition class
//The minigun HUD display icon lives in this texture package.
#EXEC OBJ LOAD FILE=InterfaceContent.utx
defaultproperties //Normal variable properties
     MaxAmmo=350                                       //Maximum ammo allowed for the minigun
     InitialAmount=150                                 //This sets the amount of ammo you get when you pickup the minigun.
     PickupClass=Class'XWeapons.MinigunAmmoPickup'     //Pickup class for the ammo
     IconMaterial=Texture'InterfaceContent.HUD.SkinA'  //This says package to get the HUD icon from. This line would not be
                                                       //  valid if we hadn't loaded the InterfaceContent package above.
     IconCoords=(X1=445,Y1=75,X2=544,Y2=149)           //This says which HUD icon in the InterfaceContent package to use.
     ItemName="Bullets"                                //Name of the ingame pickup, i.e. "You got Bullets!"
// "But wait, I thought you only got 50 bullets from each Ammo pickup?"
// "You do... check out the MinigunAmmoPickup class :)"

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