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Legacy:Mod Authoring For UT2K3

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This document is being inspired by Brandon of Epic Game's original document, found at Mod Authoring. It's being "updated" by me to help me understand the changes from UT to UT2003, and to update Wiki with something a bit more current in regards to plain and simple mod making.


Making a mod for UT2K3 – whether it is a simple mutator or total conversion (TC) – is an awesome and completely fun task. Most games now have a great deal of time spent reinventing the wheel: the sound and graphics engine used to drive the game itself. Making a mod removes the tedium of creating the engine and gets straight to the best part: creating content. Making a mod is also a fairly risk free method of seeing whether or not you truly enjoy game programming, and whether or not you have the technical skills to do so.


This is a work in progress and as such will not be complete for several days, if not weeks. Please forgive any slow progress on this document and bear with me. This document is heavily based on Brandon's original document structurally.

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Tarquin: We only have two pages written here. Legacy:Mod Authoring For UT2K3/Quick Start Guide duplicates existing stuff like Setting Up UnrealScript and other pages in that series. We should merge if they are similar. Legacy:Mod Authoring For UT2K3/Listen To Your Mother should be renamed. We have a LOT of GOOD advice pages lying around. But while they all interlink, there's no real coherence.

Burtlo: I would propose the addition of GUI Tabpanel and GameRules to mod authoring for UT2K3, of course I don't know the intended vision of the these tutorials/documents. I'm willing to write some code in for both GUI Tabpanel and GameRules as well as more stuff when I learn it.

Tarquin: GameRules, GUI Tabpanel – if those don't already exist, make them :)

SuperApe: I wonder how stale this page is?