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An idea based off the manhacks from Half-Life 2. For those who don't know, manhacks are like flying circular saws, that you could grab out of the air and shoot back at other enemies.

I was thinking primary fire to shoot a manhack, secondary fire to catch it (or just deflect it? Keep the speed of the game up). Perhaps make this out of a custom ball/ball-launcher?

Interested Scripters

(Please put some names here... Pleeeeeeeease?)


DarkMan: Yes, I saw those things in HL2, but never thought of replicating them... But now that you mention it, it'd be a good idea. Mabye use similar code as bots with a melee weapon, except these guys would be 32-80 units above the floor? And for the gun, mabye replacing redeemer (or 50-50 chance instead of 'deemer), with 5-10 ammo? Primary fire = shoot, secondary either deflect or mabye even manual control? I'll see what I can do about it, but won't add my name under "interested" - yet.