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The Mod Ideas page is a place for suggesting and debating mod ideas for any Unreal Engine based games. Although the primary focus is on UT2003 and UT2004 this will change over time as more Unreal Engine games get released. It may even lead to new mods being created. This page grew out of a scratch pad of the stressed ramblings of EntropicLqd, father, or menagerie-keeper as he would style it.

This page is part of the Unreal Wiki site. That means anyone can add text or edit the material that is here. It's a collaborative environment, and newcomers should read New Contributors Quick Start before making edits. To see what is new since your last visit, see Recent Changes or the (diff) and View other revisions links at the foot of this page.

The guidelines for using this page are still rough, so open to suggestion.

It's Open! 
Firstly, when adding an idea to this page be aware that you are opening it up to comment from any casual passer by. Be prepared to be met with stony silence or many suggestions. As well as opening the idea up for comment you are also giving up some ownership of the mod – someone else may write it before you.
When commenting on an idea, add your comments to the discussion section of the mod. Allow the original owner of the idea to refactor their mod description to include your suggestion should they like it – and be prepared for your suggestion to simply be ignored or rebuffed. It's not personal.
Expressing Interest 
If you are interested in writing a mod, but haven't got time to do it right now, add your name to the Interested Scripters list. Before you start work on a mod idea listed on this page you are responsible for checking to see if anyone else has started the mod before you. The aim here is to contribute effort rather than duplicate effort. If someone else has started the mod feel free to offer help, but again, be prepared for your offer to be turned down (some of these mods are way to small to be built by more than one person). You really also want to read Mychaeel/Modding Etiquette before starting any project...
Once you decide to go into "delivery mode" with an idea here make that fact plain within the Interested Scripters section. It would also be nice if you added a journal page to the Wiki on Category:Legacy Journal for the mod. The journal should read more like a tutorial rather than a diary and explain why you decided to do things the way you did, as well as how you did them. A journal is by no means a requirement, but it would be nice.

There's also a corresponding Map Ideas page for ideas for mappers making maps.

Please only post a project idea here if you actually plan to work on it.

Wider Reading[edit]

Other pages on the nature of mods, how to make them, and how to make them good.

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it turns into a fighter, and handles as such.

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Kartoshka: Is it safe to delete those pages marked by the "delete mark" tag? There was a bit of a discussion before, and no real decision made. I'd like to tidy this up a bit, but I'm worried I'll end up marking for deletion some page that's still getting worked on...

EntropicLqd: If you check the page history I suspect the delete marks were added over a year ago, so I suggest you go ahead and delete them. Happy cleaning.

Kartoshka: What about making one page for actively developing/finished stuff and one for just ideas? How often do people add stuff to this page anyway? I haven't seen anything new quite some time. Maybe when UT2007 rolls out, that will change...

Tarquin: I agree that we have a LOT of "mod ideas" pages that just aren't going anywhere. (Just taking a look at this page now and... HOLY CRAP that's a lot of pages just gathering dust.) But when you're marking pages for deletion, are you moving the material somewhere else?

Kartoshka: Do you think we should keep the old material somewhere? Most of the ideas that didn't go anywhere are already implemented somewhere, too complicated, or just not well thought out. IMO, we should dump that stuff. Right now, I'm keeping the pages that resemble a design document, or that have been worked on "recently" (in the past year or so).

Switch`: I'd archive the old ones somewhere, ie: in Legacy:Mod Ideas/Archived. Ideas don't have to be design docs, they can be random thoughts. Those random ideas can inspire people to create something fun and well though-out. IMO the more we have of them the better.

Tarquin: I agree. Make a judgement call (Kartoshka since you're workign on it, or whoever feels like helping :) and move the ones that are feasible and interesting to Legacy:Mod Ideas/Archived, all on a single page. Delete the ones that are too close to existing mods, totally crazy, or really lacking in their descriptions.

Kartoshka: For now I'll just tag the crazy ones for deletion, and leave the rest here. Then when Unreal Engine 3 games roll out, we can archive all the ideas that are here now and worth keeping. Sound good?