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Legacy:Mod Ideas/DaiymoDefense

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Mod idea for UT 2004 – A VIP Defense Scenario Set to the Backdrop of Tokugawa Era Feudal Japan.



This mod is based on an idea by Araes.


The basic idea of this mod is very similar in core application to the VIP defense scenario found in CS. One team of players will represent Samurai loyal to a particular Daimyo. Their task will be to defend this individual, represented by a chosen or voted player, from the assault of hired assassins (see Ninja), who are attempting to kill him.


The two sides in this conflict would be fairly varied, with the Samurai being high health, very strong melee fighters, while the Ninja group would exemplify stealth, high damage single shot attacks, and high manuverability. Interesting concepts which could be incorporated into their design would be things like the mutator for smoke bombs, spider climbing if it can be done, and maybe triangle jumping.


Samurai would most likely be equiped with the standard armament of Katana and Wakazashi, as well as Naginatas, Nagamakis, and Sasumatas (mancatchers) for special applications. In certain scenarios they might also have access to bows and mounts like warhorses. All Samurai would have the option for heavy armor.

Ninja armament would be composed of blow guns, bows, shurkiens, smoke bombs, Ninja-Tos, Kawanagas (Entangling grapples), and Nekode (climbing claws). Possibly Kau-sin-kes (multi-part rods), caltrops, flashpowder, and Kusari-gamas for special applications. All depends on how many features are wanted and balance issues. Armor loadout would be quite light or non-existant for Ninja group.

Map Ideas[edit]

Potential maps concepts would be things like:

Castle Escape

Convoy Ambush

Diplomatic Backstab

Turncoat Assassin (One samurai secretly an assassin)

Cooperative or Competetive Assassination against AI. (Kind of like mass Tenchu game)

Interested Scripters[edit]

If you are interested in developing this mod for UT2003 then add your name to the list. Once you start development you should indicate that below (and hopefully include a link to a journal page). Before you start development you should also check this section to see if anyone else has started.


Foxpaw: Hmm, an interesting idea, but maybe you could change ninjas to bandits or something? Simple reason being, ninjas didn't snipe people and stuff like that, they snuck into your house and killed you in your sleep. And real ninjas (fairly rare these days, admittedly) get their panties in a bunch when people portray them as warriors of any description.

Araes: Maybe just assassins then, although I'm not sure whether any real ninjas probably pay attention to the Unreal community. The image I was aiming for was simply that glamorized version of them put forth by anime and several other segments of the Japanese entertainment industry. However, its pretty much up to whoever would want to make this.

Uncommon: Is it Daiymo or Daimyo?

Araes: says that you are actually right and its Daimyo.

Paradox: I'd love to do this mod. If only I knew how... Anyone want to help me get started or pointed in the right direction? At this point, I've only followed a tutorial or two to get a weapon mod working. For example, how would one implement a sword? Would be super-cool if it could include actual kenjutsu techniques, though that seems like it might be asking a bit much; especially from a beginner like me.

Lulolwen: Paradox, if you need weapon models, I've been working on an Oriental weapon set for a while now and have a few thrown together. No textures as of yet though.