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The idea of this mod is to eliminate as much violence as possible from the game and instead focus on sneaking and planning. As we are a group of people working on this mod we sometimes disagree and sometimes manage to agree. the project is just starting and we've probably got a lot of problems ahead that we aren't even aware of yet. one of these issues is wether or not to reprogramme the bots, or just leave them at a low level and make a lot of paths for them. to begin with we will chose the later, simply because we have a deadline, but in the future it would be interesting to try to learn the bots to run for some kind of alarm button etc.

we have not come very far yet and have not even started any programming, we are still developing levels. we have come up with an idea for a couple of levels. the main idea is for a character to break out of a prison (when I say character i don't mean that there will be any kind of role-playing...). the prison is divided into five different sections for different reasons. first of all there are five of us in the group currently developing the mod, and secondly, if the mod were to be one big level we would have to use a huge amount of bots, which would strain any cpu. our solution provides a rather simple way of alowing a relatively large number of bots compared to maparea. any ideas on solving this are welcome of course! =)

now you are all up to date on what's going on! i will keep updating this page and when the mod is finished (for there will be a mod, although the quality of it may not be very good) i will post it here somewhere for playtesting and further development if anyone feels like it!


DJPaul: This is a page for Mod Ideas; this sounds as it will be more of a Developer Journal.

Thinks: i thought it could stick here in case people found it interesting and might want to persue it themselves.

DJPaul: In that case refactor this page so it has more of a detailed idea, and fits the layout of the other Mod Ideas page; you can then add yourself/your mod team under the "interested people" section, or whatever it is called.

Thinks: You are right. I will work on a more detailed description and then I will leave the page here.

Foxpaw: It is just me or would it be easier to make this a mod of Splinter Cell? Splinter Cell is itself an Unreal-Engine based game so the notion of making a mod to change the gameplay to be like that of Splinter Cell seems odd to me.

AlphaOne: I would suggest remaking thievery UT. It's just amazing for multiplayer/singleplayer!

Legal: Yes, there are some guys doing it, but it's anything but a team, more like several small parts... Start a team, you will probably have some luck. Unless you go to Splinter Cell with it... ;) - TUT site, btw!

Mosquito: Trust legal, TUT pretty much covers all the thieving madness... I played it alot afew months ago, since DoD has gone downhill pretty fast, and I still lack a good enough com to play UT2003 at all, I might pick it up again. Legal, have the uber bots been delt with, or do they still have the powers of god?

Mortal Monkey: Unfortunately, the latest patch made every skill level the same, so now all the bots are stuck on Uber. But they no longer fart tagbolts at least.

Daid303: Doh, and I thouged I was original with I started to work on a Metal Gear Solid like MOD.