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Mod ideas for UT – UTroids


Ok, it's time to bring Astroids into the new century. Imagine Astroids in first-person and 3d. It wouldn't prolly be worth writing a whole game, but if the engine is already here... why not play UTroids on this engine? 3d astroids comming at you. You spin around and they are all around you. Your thumb moves in front of you to aim your guns with the POV Hat on the joystick in the cockpit if you hold one button down and pan with your mouse. But panning with the mouse otherwise steers the ship. Fire and bolts of energy fly out in front of you when they make contact with an astroid it blows up into smaller chunks of debrit that can still hit you. But little ones only add to your damage till your not able to spin or not able to thrust, or maybe stop. Of course once you hit a big one... BOOM! Clear a path in the astroid feild and you will get to land on the planet and of course... save the princess. Hehehehe.

Interested Scriptors[edit]


Foxpaw: This sounds like it would be pretty simple to make, I'd think. You'd need a class for the asteroids, (probrably subclass from Pawn so bots know that it's hostile.)

and you'd also need to make a vehicle for the ship. (KShip) There was something on the Inbox page about making a vehicle be a player's pawn as well.

RegularX: A suggestion at my home forums has made me interested in something very similar, but I'll be awaiting UT2004's new toys before I really look at it.