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Legacy:Mod Ideas/Bloodrifle

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This is a modified version of the sniper/shock rifle. I've been working on it for a bit, but others are welcome to try their own implementations. If you got inspiration from this, I'd be much obliged if you added "inspired by 5parrow's Bloodrifle idea" somewhere in your readme, code or wherever your credits are. - Before I forget this, part of the design of the weapon came from the charge-up Shock Rifle idea.

Pri-fire does 50 damage as per sniper rifle and can headcap. It fires a hitscan beam which would probably be purple (?) in colour.

Sec-fire is the zoom.

When zoomed in, the rifle does 95 points of damage, but knocks off somewhere between 10 and 25 (up to you) points of the firer's health per shot ("draining the user's life force" to fire). It also causes the firer to bleed. The beam in this case is red.

Ideally the firer should not "take a hit" (grunt, etc) when his health gets knocked down - just lose health and bleed.

Yes, you should be able to kill yourself with this weapon: "Player donated too much blood."

I'm thinking that the weapon model should look something roughly like the 2K4 shock rifle, but with a spine, needle or spike protruding from the stock of the weapon (so when the firer wields it, the needle pierces into his shoulder - you could also claim that this helps to stabilize the weapon!). The 'purple' (or whatever colour the normal beam is) parts of the rifle should glow red (for other players to see) when the rifle is zoomed in.