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EntropicLqd's Brightly Lit and Comfortable Corner[edit]

Things that are currently on my list of things to pretend to be doing are:

  • Breathing, living, and updating my developer journal.

Feel free to read my Legacy:EntropicLqd/Developer Journal although it's almost never updated.

Contacting Me[edit]

EntropicLqd, a shortened version of EntropicLiquid to avoid messing with the UT scoreboard, commonly called Entropic for short. I'm generally reachable by mail entropic at or via IRC in #snout on Quakenet. I'm normally on IRC between 21:00 and 22:00 UK local time (if at all). Sorry, but I don't use Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, or most other IM programs. My MSN screen name is entropiclqd at (suprisingly). I log on occasionally, but not much.

The e-mail address is also on my clan web site -

Here's a magic link to the mod ideas page for UT2003. It's a pretty cool place to hang out.

If you have a problem searching .uc files for keywords under XP-Pro .. visit It works like a dream. (I'd have preferred it to go into winvi though :).


Unreal Tournament 3[edit]

Take a week off work and place it in a pot, add UT3 (patched), a pair of kids at school, a wife out most of the time, and simmer gently adding coffee and Fair Trade stem ginger cookies to suit. The result: 
Think instagib only with shock rifles that charge up. The less you fire the more damage you do but the more frustrating it is when you miss. 
Control the bot's taunts without having to set the voice volume to zero. 
When you get a kill the game speed is reduced by 10% while you remain at the same speed. If you get another kill within 2 seconds then the game speed is further reduced by 10% (again you stay at the same speed). It gets silly with lots of Novice bots, but is great for admiring the beauty of UT3.

Unreal Tournament[edit]

The author of the first (as far as I know), and least publicised multi-team CTF mod, CTF+. The mod was last updated in June 2000.

I've also poked around a bit with other stuff that I'm not prepared to own up to. Work, children, and a nagging wife conspire to keep me away from my PC more than I would like.


SNOUT – The worst UK Insta-CTF clan and proud of it :)

Legacy:EntropicLqd/EntropicOnFatherhood – A toungue in cheek rant about the joys (yeah right) of being a father. If you are considering having kids then this is a must read. The reality is much worse than you can possibly imagine.

The Curse Of Static Meshes – The curse of static meshes.

mod database – A fairly large mod database. Reasonably well executed.

Guest Book, Comments, and Messages[edit]

ViKTiM I would just like to thank you for the TriggeredZonePropertyChanger, man i've been after someting to trigger gravity for about six months no, there was no way i would have been able to script it cheers dood!!

EntropicLqd: You're quite welcome. I forget who it was written for originally but they wanted to do the same thing.

Nytro: Where can I find this TriggeredZonePropertyChanger?

EntropicLqd: You can find all maps n mods I've produced on the SNOUT web site - look in the UT mods section (

Tarquin: CTF-GauntPiglet looks great!!! Though you haven't set the GameType yet! ;)

EntropicLqd: Thanks Tarquin ... makes note to set gametype ... Happy Christmas m8 - hope you have a good one.

Nobody: Hi, seeing your comment at the bottom of INI_File, you may benefit from new data added to that page on commenting lines in the ini file.