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  • By working on the project you will automatically be part of the first game test. There will be a poll (you obviously cannot vote for yourself) that will pick who gave the most for the project. The top 8-9 people (i'm still deciding if I would be one) will be team leaders. If you want to be part of the game you have to contribute!

Now, onto the project itself:

  • It is called Project Massive. There is a planet with 9 moons. Each moon is like a planet of its own, each with it's own terrain, climate, and therefore mutators. Each team starts with a moon under their control. The planet is a neutral zone. There will be two winners. The first will be who manages to control 5 moons at one time. That team will become neutral until later (they can do whatever they want, if anything, they already won). Their moons will become unowned, open for capture. The next team to capture 5 moons is the other winner. The two winning teams will play one, just ONE, onslaught game for the championship.


  • Each moon has two bases: the Capitol and the Bay. The Capitol holds an artifact that anyone can carry, multiple people at once as well. If someone (not the same team) gets the artifact, they may go to the planet and touch the artifact at the neutral base. If that happens, that team has successfully captured that moon.

The Bay is the base where you appear when you land on the planet (ala Landing Bay). It is positioned opposite of the Capitol. So, to get to the Capitol you must travel across the planet, then you must either hijack a ship or go all the way back to the Bay to get one.


  • No name yet. On the planet there are colleseums, training warrooms, and just about anything else that MMORPGer would want. When you connect to the game, you are put on the planet. When you fly to a moon under your team's control, you land in the Capitol, not the Bay.


  • You get weapons on the planet. Well, not weapons, weapon packages. Your character has a master weapon which can transform into any weapon in the game. By completing quests, winning tournaments, or even just getting twinked, you can get weapon packages which allow you to use that weapon. We will use some of the weapons from the game, but I plan on making tons exclusively for this.
  • There will also be items, which will affect things like your HP, Starting Ammo, and other stats.
  • Weapons also have levels, which will be explained next.


  • First things first: There are no player levels. There is, however, XP. There is Total XP and then regular XP. Your total xp is more for comparison to other players, it is all the xp you've ever had, including what you have now. XP is used for everything. For example, some weapon packages require you to buy level upgrades with XP. Some actually start at level 0, so you have to upgrade for it to be functional.
  • You gain XP by completing quests, winning games (collesseum), and just plain out fragging.


  • There are several games, mostly in the collesseum (some special ones in quests and such). Most of the games (besides onslaught) are in the colleseum, as well as others which will be exclusive to this. There will only be the favorite levels in the colleseum, and only so many games at once (otherwise there would be way to much at once).


  • Travel from moon to moon (to planet) is simple. You get in a space vehicle (I hate the ones included in the game, the ships will be completely redone) and fly to where you want to go. Just like in any part of this, you can attack others in space. However, the only way to land is to go to a landing bay, or the capitol if you own the moon.


  • You do not lose XP for death. You lose it for losing at games, losing captured moons, etc. When you die in space, you are regenerated to the bay on the planet. When you die on the planet, you are regenerated to the pub (regen spot). When you die on a moon, you are regenerated to the Capitol or Bay if you own the moon or not, respectively.


  • Though there is no storyline during the actual game, I am going to make a machinima to go along with it. All I really need is voice actors, as the rest will be done by me.


  • This is like an MMORPG, each game will take place 1-3 months at a time. You can rejoin as many times as you want, but you will always be on the same team (the one you were picked to be on).
  • I need members for this project! I will have a site up soon!