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Well, this is a gametype that is (well duh... :) ) the original UT! It plays and feels the same way in the original UT.

You may add to, and only add to this list of features below: If you want me to delete one of them, or move them, tell me with an adequate explanation in the discussion area of this page, please! ;)

Gameplay Options[edit]

Keep from UT2003[edit]

  • Karma physics
  • Announcer

Keep from UT[edit]

  • Gibbed dead bodies, rather than the stupid green body floating to heaven.
  • Blasted telefragger destination module (shooting it to the moon :) )
  • Hud
  • Cursor for [v] dialogue box. :)
  • UWindows!!! :D

Options that are configurable[edit]

  • Weapons

Gametype Options[edit]


Well, for the assault lovers, and people who like the original UnrealTournament

Interested Scripters[edit]

If you are interested in developing this mod for UT2003 then add your name to the list. Once you start development you should indicate that below (and hopefully include a link to a journal page). Before you start development you should also check this section to see if anyone else has started.


EntropicLqd: One of my biggest hates with UT2003 is the HUD. It stinks. In UT the team messages were in a decent place, and your health and armour were co-located. You could also tell how much ammo you had left for a weapon that you didn't have in your hands (the colours in UT2003 are too similar).

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Fixed that! When you stated that, i kinda hate the hud of UT2003 too! You cannot make the hud transparent!

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Also, I hate that you have to use the number keys for choosing messages in the [v] dialogue box!

EntropicLqd: Yeah. If you use the voice menu a lot it is actually quicker to do it the way they have done it. However, for occasional use (since I generally setup keybinds) the implementation is awful. The other thing I find irritating is the fact that all messages are in upper case. I know they were porting a TV console game, but come on ...

Mychaeel: Seems to me that it'd be a lot easier to port the announcer from UT2003 to Unreal Tournament than everything else from Unreal Tournament to UT2003.

EntropicLqd: lol - but where's the challenge in that? I must confess, I prefer the UT2003 weapons over the UT ones. My issues with UT2003 are more to do with the maps, diversity, and HUD. Mostly the HUD to be honest.

ZxAnPhOrIaN: In Americas Army, the numbers for the radio are fine, because you don't need them as often in it.

DJPaul: very similar to the UTClassic mutator..

Darkwarrior: The announcer should be easy to make for UT2003 because of the support for custom announcers added with the epic bonus pack.