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This mutator is inspired by mr.pants excessive for UT2004. With this mutator on when your opponent drops a weapon and you pick it up the weapon that he droped is upgraded. Like when your oponent drops an assault rifle the current assault rifle you have is "upgraded". There are five levels that a gun goes through:

  1. Normal
  2. Double weapon, similer to the assult rifle, you hold and can fire a second weapon and you get all it's amo.
  3. Beserk, the power and firing rate of the (double) weapon increases as if you had the beserk adreniline. You also have the visual effects of beserk, but you aren't beserk if you switch weapons.
  4. Double damage, you weapons glow with a purple light, and the damage they deal is doubled.
  5. INSANE, be prepared to win. Visual effects the same as being fully upgraded in excessive

Naturally these are very powerful becasue it is very seldom that five opponents in a row drop flak cannons.


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-= SyPTo =-

Nice idea, you don't think you should ad a timer to it , so that you let's say only can be on insane for 30 seconds before it drops a level then a min before it drops another but not lower then level 3...thing is when a player drops it's not just dropping one weapon unless we make it randomly choose a weapon that it will drop on kill , otherwise if someone with a full arsenal gets killed you could insta upgrade all your weapons , wich i think would make it a bit over the top. what about adding 50% more fire power on level 3 50% more health and 50% more ammo carry capability and on level 4 that + let's say 25% more speed and 50% more shields.this would not only make the weapons stronger but also yourslef...