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Legacy:Mod Ideas/NoRotatingItems

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I was thinking maybe a mutator that mappers could include in their maps. You could specify if you want to disable rotating for just all weapons or all items, or tag specific items in a map that this mutator will disable rotating for.

Atleast in UT2003 you can't disable rotating for weapons without scripting.

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Wormbo: You can place pickups directly in the map (without an xPickUpBase actor) and set their Actor/Movement -> Physics property to PHYS_None to prevent them from rotating. But if you still want to use a pickup base instead of directly placing the pickup, you'd have to set its rotation by trial and error to get the correct pickup rotation. You can even set a custom rotation for the pickup (when placing it directly) by changing the Movement -> RotationRate property of the pickup.

smattbac: Hmm, no. You can't add weapon pickups in UT2003 since they are not placeable. Unless there's bCanAddNotPlaceableActors in the editor you can toggle. But I forgot about the pickupbases though, so maybe it's just easier to subclass the weapons you want, make them placeable and disable the rotating.

Foxpaw: As I understand it bot's have a hard time finding weapons if they aren't on pickupbases.

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