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Mod ideas for Devastation – Conquerors


This mod brings co-operative multiplayer gaming into the Devastation world. In a classic humans vs dumb (and hopefully not so dumb) computer controlled opponents game, humans compete not only for victory but also for the highest score.

Each map places the human players on the same team although the team the players are on is dependant upon the map. Each map provides the human players with one or more objectives to complete to win the game. An objectives could be as simple as simply destroying the enemy team's spawn point (and eradicating the enemy players), or as complex as starting up a number of generators, reaching a specific point on the map.

Each human player has a fixed number of lives. When these lives run out the player is dropped into spectator mode, but can no longer take part within the game. The computer controlled players will only have a single life (by default). Computer controlled players will not be able to respawn if all of their "spawn points" are destroyed.

When a player first enters the game they will be supplied with a default set of weapons (as determined by the mapper) with full ammo, that are (hopefully) suitable for the mission at hand. Other weapons can be placed on the map for players and Bots to collect and use. Human players do not have destroyable points.

If the map is a particularly long one then player spawn points can be activated as certain points on the map are reached.


  • A player gets 1 point for killing a Bot
  • A player loses 5 points for getting killed
  • A player gets 10 points for completing an objective.

Configurable Options[edit]

The following options should be configurable within the game.

  • Time Limit - This is expressed as a percentage of the game time set within the map and can be as low as 50% and as high as 200%.
  • Player Lives - This determines the number of lives each human player has. If it is set to 0 then human player's have an infinite number of lives.
  • Enemy Lives - This sets the number of lives each Bot player has. If it is set to 0 then the Bot has an infinite number of lives.


EntropicLqd: It's been a long time since I played a good co-op style game, and the Devastation weapons lend themselves to this style of game.

AJRAD: I have already done this, you can get the maps @

Ragdoll: (slipstreams_65) i done a map where you had to destroy generators etc, not sure if it made it onto the servers though. I dont really play much anymore since my clan broke up and i got ut2004.