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Legacy:Mod Ideas/BinkPlayer

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Mod ideas for UT 2003 – BinkPlayer

About BinkPlayer[edit]

Renders a .bik file onto to a surface - video-on-a-wall; perhaps best as part of Screen? Mychaeel?


DJPaul: Okay, maybe I should have picked a video format that is, at least, open source so I can get to the sdk/codecs (doh). Concept remains, however.

Mychaeel: Nice thought, but impossible to realize without using native code. I'll keep it in mind for Screen 2003, in any case.

DJPaul: Looking at the UDN, it appears this is in a later build of the UT2003 engine. Delete this page?

_Lynx: well, I'might add that DeusEx2 uses such stuff with UEngine v897 (or 926, dont' remember exactly) but guys at Ion Storm reworked the renderer competely... Anyway we can try to look the code, how it was done.

Foxpaw: This hasn't been touched in a year.. is it dead?

EricBlade: I sent an email to some peoples (the bink people, the people responsible for land of the dead, and the epic people), and got back three responses all of "i don't think it's possible with the normal bink code that most people use with unreal"